5 Key Features of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee tracking tools and solutions have been the buzz for the past few years. Organizations use these applications for productivity and performance monitoring and to enhance the workflow. In this week’s post, we will talk about the 5 most useful features of employee monitoring software. These have been handpicked by our experts and client surveys, making them the best key features. We have got a lot to cover, so let’s begin.

What is Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring and time management software are the solution packages that drive growth and success in the modern working atmosphere. The application provide various features, the top 5 of which, we will discuss in a later section to simplify employee monitoring and management.

The Top 5 Features of Software for Employee Monitoring

As we mentioned these reviews our experts and client feedback went into shortlisting the top 5 features in an employee monitoring tool. With that, here are the 5 most frequently used key features of staff monitoring software.

Real-time Monitoring

First up is the feature that gives the monitoring to employee monitoring applications. Real-time monitoring is the functionality of the software to track employee activity as it happens. In short, we can say live activity logging. Managers get a bird’s eye view of insightful details into the productivity and work-time utilization patterns of their employees. This helps make the best data-driven decisions.

Notifications and Alerts

To maintain productivity and optimal performance, you need to have a smooth workflow in your organization. However, we as humans have the habit of getting distracted. Especially, nowadays, when smartphones are more in use. To solve this issue, managers can set customized notifications and alerts for employees spending excessive time on non-work activities, and identify suspicious activities, and work trends, enhancing the workflow.

Comprehensive Analysis

Advanced employee tracking tools also provide the feature of data analytics. The software analyses past and present performance data, generating accurate performance reports. Evaluating these work-hour reports gives simplicity and ease-of-access to managers to make the best decisions in real-time for growth and success. Overall, it’s a great way to manage human resources.

Data Security

We know how essential it is to keep data safe and that’s why we like how the software for monitoring employees not only simplifies employee management but also secures your data. The software provide the most advanced and strongest data protection measurements including the cloud, and integration (which we will discuss in the 5th feature) with other tools. Furthermore, it also prevents data from leaks and insider threats.

Easy Integrations

The last key feature to have in your software for monitoring staff is the functionality to integrate with other tools. This adds more functionality to the software and makes processes between frequently used tools quicker and more accurate. For example, integration with your payroll tools automates payroll processing as work-hour data from the employee monitoring application is directly transferred to the payroll tool for accuracy.


Software for employee screenshot monitoring are solutions, which help organizations manage and enhance employee performance. The software offer 5 key features including easy integration with other tools, data security from leaks and insider threats, real-time monitoring of employee activity, analysis of past and present data comparison, and customizable notifications and alerts for a smoother workflow. Want the best versions of these 5 features and more in a single application? We recommend DeskTrack.

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