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Top 5 Financial Reporting Software in 2022

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Effective financial management is a necessary component regardless of the scale of an organization’s operations. It is an essential duty. The most important thing to do is financial reporting, which is gathering, calculating, and arranging data from all of the financial components of the company, such as budgeting, forecasting, or producing balance Sheets, among other things.

Maintaining transaction records, compiling and calculating statistics on profits and losses, developing balance sheets and budgets, establishing plans, submitting financial reports, and generating projections are some of the responsibilities included in the financial management process.

All of these responsibilities demand a significant investment of time and need for the application of specialized knowledge in order to generate outcomes that can be trusted. Therefore, companies must invest in financial reporting software to face these problematic responsibilities.

In order to assist you in locating the most suitable accounting software for your company, we analyzed more than one hundred different apps. We looked into purchasing accounting software that was inexpensive and user-friendly. We included time-saving features, such as automated bank feeds, automatic payment reminders, and online invoicing and payment acceptance.

We also looked for software that provides real-time, granular, and thorough financial reporting because we know that this is an essential component of effectively monitoring and comprehending the financial state of your company. Here are some of the best and top recommendations, along with insights about how we made our choice.

5 Best Financial Reporting Software

  • FreshBooks
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Melio
  • Zoho Books


FreshBooks is the most accessible accounting software for invoicing. You can add bill time and costs, personalize the invoice, and set up regular invoices, payment reminders, and late fines with a few clicks. This bank-connected accounting software provides reports, records time, and manages projects. FreshBooks allows clients to pay invoices, which accelerates payment.

FreshBooks has several features beyond invoicing that make it a top selection. It helps you send reminders and warnings to late-paying clients. Accounting software notifies you when clients open invoices. You can track project time and receipts on the move. Double-entry accounting features prevent errors that might skew your ledger. Automatic checks and balances ensure debits and credits balance.

FreshBooks is accounting and invoicing software for small companies. This program interacts with 80 prominent business apps to provide a better company overview. FreshBooks isn’t as extensive as other solutions but has good invoicing features. It successfully combines accounting and invoicing software. Other accounting solutions are better for firms that don’t issue bills, but freelancers and project-based enterprises love FreshBooks.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is a complicated accounting and ERP application. Pay bills, run reports, and handle taxes. NetSuite automates invoicing, and payment processing, and its tax management capabilities support all currencies and exchange rates. The program processes international sales and payments depending on local legislation.

Revenue recognition management helps business owners satisfy accounting rules and report on time. Cash flow management is easy because of a complete collection of capabilities that give cash information, making it easier to maximize cash, regulate bank accounts, and remain compliant.

NetSuite’s payment management solution centralizes payments while planning and budgeting functions unify data. Easily construct budgets, projections, what-if scenarios, and business reports. NetSuite’s permissions keep you in control. NetSuite’s ERP feature lets you plan for the future and manage finances, inventories, manufacturing, and the supply chain.

Because NetSuite has so many features and functions, a sales rep is needed to receive an exact price. You may request a demo online. NetSuite is worth considering if you need a comprehensive accounting strategy and can budget, plan, and forecast. Self-employed or microbusinesses with simple needs may not need NetSuite.

Intuit QuickBooks

We picked QuickBooks Online for small businesses for various reasons. This accounting software lets you make invoices, collect payments, track costs, and monitor cash flow. Higher-priced options provide batch billing, extensive analytics, and a dedicated accounting team., Salesforce, and HubSpot interface with QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks has the most significant reporting options we’ve seen. Built-in QuickBooks reports include the trial balance, general ledger, and 1099 transaction detail reports you’ll need at tax time. Favorite reports may be seen at the top of the Reports page. You may arrange for the program to automatically run and email you daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

QuickBooks customers may use Be Paid Upfront to eliminate delinquent bills and get paid immediately. This program lets small businesses get an advance on one or more bills. A small company owner can request an advance on invoiced cash. Once authorized, 97% of the invoice will be automatically transferred for a 3% fee. The first 30 days of the advance are interest-free.

Some QuickBooks users can view a synchronized Excel spreadsheet. Spreadsheet Sync reduces data input and CSV import mistakes. Connecting QuickBooks to Excel allows users to create customized reports, bulk uploads, and modifications.


This cloud-based program offers free bank transfers, but credit cards cost 2.9%. Check, and bank transfer payments are free. Melio is user-friendly. Adding and scheduling payments is easy. Melio enables you manually enter a vendor’s information, upload a file, or photograph an invoice. You may invite internal employees and accountants to use the program and designate responsibilities and permissions, so you always know who is viewing your information.

Melio improves cash flow, which we appreciate. You can implement permission constraints for transactions, preventing overextension or a cash flow shortfall from early bill payments. Melio’s interface with QuickBooks, our top recommendation for small businesses, also influenced our choice. Melio’s interface with QuickBooks makes it even better.

Through integration, you receive better cash flow analytics and fast two-way synchronization. Melio may not provide enough accounting functionality for large organizations. Melio should be considered for small firms that desire free accounts payable management.

Zoho Books

We chose Zoho Books because of its simplicity and value. Zoho Books offers basic and advanced capabilities for microbusinesses, including project billing and time tracking. It integrates, so you may use it as your business expands. Zoho Books’ Apple, Android, and Windows apps let company owners send invoices and manage books on the move.

Apple Watch and Android smartwatches have applications. The ability to write and send invoices from the app means you may bill a client immediately instead of waiting until you return to the office. Using simple accounting software, you don’t want an outdated user interface or basic functionality. It distinguishes Zoho Books: The easy-to-use platform is feature-rich and has a modern, streamlined layout.

It automates various business operations, saving time. You may establish recurring invoices and send automated payment reminders using Zoho Books. Zoho Books lets you schedule reports and email them to you automatically. Zoho Books’ client portal lets clients examine bills, make comments, and pay online. It is essential for companies that deal closely with clients. Set up the site to allow clients to review your services if you want feedback.

Final Thoughts

In this article, the Top 5 Financial Reporting Software are described in detailed information along with their working style and features. Organizations and companies can select the best and the optimum option based on their professional requirements.

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