These five indulgent treats will be hit at your next party

If it’s your turn to host the next party and you’re looking for some treats, here are some ideas that your guests are sure to love!


Everyone has their own ideas for perfect party food and snacks. There are few items that need to be there like French fries and nachos. Why not try something sweet, like cupcakes, too? Cupcakes are loved by people of all ages. Toujours brings to you the best cupcakes in Mumbai which fits well for all occasions – and they can be customized to suit a theme much better than regular party snacks can. Think baby showers, wedding gatherings, sports events, kids birthday, bachelorette and more – the options to customize cupcakes are endless! Not just that, but cupcakes make it easier for health-conscious people of all ages to enjoy their dessert without worrying about the size of the treat. Portion control becomes a lot easier when you’re looking at 1 cupcake versus deciding between an average-sized or a large piece of cake. Choose from flavours such as red velvet, butterscotch, double chocolate, and Nutella – Toujours has all of them.


If you are planning to make your party snacks more colorful and delicious you should really consider macarons that comes in different flavors. Toujours is the ultimate destination for all macarons lovers. One can sink their teeth into their colorful and flavorsome macarons like chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, raspberry and many more. Their delicate crispy exterior and melt in the mouth insides make guests fall in love at the first bite. French confections are often small enough to satisfy sweet cravings without ruining your healthy eating habits. So say goodbye to that post-dessert guilty conscience!

Chocolate dipped strawberries:

Everyone loves chocolate dipped strawberries for a good reason: Fresh fruit with a light touch of chocolate is still mostly healthy especially if you use high-quality chocolate with premium ingredients added. Totally delicious! Chocolate-dipped strawberries are very classy snacks for your party.


Brownies are the perfect treat for a party. They are one of the easiest baked goods to make: You don’t need any fancy equipment, just some butter to stir everything together. And to make it even easier, you can use chocolate chips here instead of chopping the chocolate by hand. Even though it is very easy to make Brownies but people these days are very busy with their busy lives, in that case, you can order brownies from Mumbai’s best bakery Toujours and trust me they won’t disappoint you.


Cokies are the perfect accompaniment with a big cup of cappuccino! Toujours can provide custom-made cookies for your parties which can be served as part of a dessert buffet. Cookies can be made into different shapes, decorated in different colors to make them an integral part of a party theme. Easy to keep snacking on them, without hassles of serving and spilling on clothes – as you enjoy the party There are plenty of sweet treats you can serve at your party, but hopefully, this list will be a good place to start.

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