Why Adopting Flutter Will be Rewarding Your Business?

Are you thinking about developing your mobile application with the Flutter app? If not – then you need to introspect. A report suggests that consumers spent about 3.5 trillion minutes on android devices in 2020 alone. Moreover, the number of mobile downloads has also increased over time. The mobile app downloads were estimated to grow by 7% year-over-year in 2020. In total, 218 billion mobile applications were downloaded. 

Thus, the statistics indicate that the growth and massive exposure mobile applications give to businesses is vast. Now that we are clear about using mobile applications for business growth, the next question is about using the correct application development framework. Here is another set of data to make your decision easy. 

  • Flutter enjoys maximum popularity as a cross-platform application development platform amongst developers.
  • About half a billion developers use Flutter every month. 
  • 42% of the developers chose Flutter for application development

The above figures highlight the popularity that Flutter enjoys as a cross-platform application development framework. In addition, Flutter offers numerous benefits that enhance its popularity. 

Why Cross-Platform Application Development?

Let us not immediately conclude on Flutter is a great mobile application development platform. However, you may question, “Why not use a native application development framework?” Of course, native application development platforms are also a great solution. We can use them for every platform as compatibility with the devices is very high. Built precisely for a particular platform, the native application development platforms perform tremendously and offer many growth opportunities. But you will need to create a separate application for a separate OS. As a result, this will increase the workload, development time, and expenses. How about using one application development framework compatible with every OS? In that case, the application will be more impressive than it sounds.  

A single application saves resources and time. Today, everyone considers time as the most important key factor in defining success. One application development platform for different OS implies faster development, reducing time-to-market. In this case, it will give you a competitive edge. When it comes to choosing a cross-platform application development framework, there are again numerous options. Which one to choose? There is no universal answer. In brief, the answer lies in the platform’s requirements and benefits.

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Let us understand what makes Flutter a great mobile app development platform. 

Why Choose Flutter?

  • Brand recognition 

User Interface is the face of the company and holds significance. Wouldn’t it be great to get one face for all Operating Systems to create better brand awareness? Getting into Flutter app development, you can get a definite identity. Flutter development can help you use the same logic and UI for every OS. A flutter developer does not need extra UI elements to create a standard UI. Companies can hire a designer and a Flutter developer to create a UI for the mobile application to represent their brand. 

  • Fast development

Companies are going agile to accommodate fast changes in their products. The tech market is dynamic, with new inventions coming into the picture daily. The brands need something dynamic to suit their agile environment. Flutter has the potential to accommodate fast changes and give quick results. The ‘Hot reload’ feature enables the developers to fix bugs and add features in real time. The mobile applications reflect these changes from the back-end without delay, unlike other applications where the developers have to restart the system or scratch some codes to incorporate the changes. 

  • Fast release

This fast release is not only about a version but the overall impact. The developer can release a mobile app for all Operating Systems using the same code base. As a result, you can save a lot of time. In addition, as the product reaches the market quickly, it gives the company an upper hand. They can release the application, understand the response, and make changes in a concise time duration. 

  • Better UX

Better customization leads to a better user experience. Therefore, any brand has to offer great UX, which can be directly achieved with personalization in mobile applications. For this, the companies are now hiring designers to design creative and attractive UX for mobile applications. Afterward, they hire flutter developers to implement the design. The custom widgets offered by Flutter help the flutter developers in following the design guidelines. These widgets can be customized in every aspect, including color, size, shadow manipulation, and element transitions.

  • Native-like features

The cross-platform application development framework provides endless opportunities for development for every OS. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will get the best version on every device if you hire flutter app developers. In addition, to develop platform-specific features, you can use platform-specific plugins. In case of confusion regarding these plugins, you can connect with any flutter app development company to get exquisite detailing and implantation on every platform. 

  • Easy and cost-effective implementation

This can be one of the most valued advantages of Flutter. The companies can quickly get flutter developers for hire at affordable rates. These developers get support from the massive online community of flutter developers, helping them to fix bugs and develop faster. Flutter is a very popular app and is gaining prominence in India and other economies. You can quickly come across flutter developers in India. You can use job portals and professional sites like Linked in to hire flutter developers from India. The abundant developers, faster development, shortened time-to-market, and accessible learning make Flutter a cost-effective choice. 


Adopting Flutter as the cross-platform application development framework can be a game changer for any business. Fast development, great UI, short time-to-market, and massive online support are significant benefits of using Flutter as the development framework. An excellent mobile can unravel many new ways for a successful business. Hiring a flutter developer is a great option. However, at the same time, you can connect with a flutter app development company and let them take care of the entire software development process. Using Flutter, you can stay agile and accommodating in the development process. The returns can be advantageous in the long term. In addition, you can get results faster than you expected. Adopt Flutter to get ahead in the competition and create a brand name with a unique identity.