Top Benefits of Using Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

There was a time when the adoption of the mobile-first approach was advantageous for businesses. Nowadays, it has become essential for them. Do you know why? Well, it is for the simple reason that the total number of mobile device users at present is somewhere around 5.48 billion. And this figure is upsurging with every passing day. 

That means if any entity wants to expand their customer base, they can’t ignore the humongous possibility of business they can acquire from mobile phone users. But to do that, they need to create a highly responsive mobile app that can meet the expectations of all mobile phone users. And that’s where Flutter app developers come into the frame. 

Now you might be pondering, is a Flutter app developer really required in such a situation? Right? So, just to inform you, a user-friendly mobile app is necessary to have for all businesses if they are willing to drive remarkable growth and boost overall profits. However, fabricating mobile applications that are suitable for all operating systems and device models is no easy feat. 

You will have to prepare a separate codebase for each operating system if you want to construct your app for Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. But the good news about Flutter is that it makes for cross-platform app development. 

It means you can form a mobile application for multiple operating systems using just one codebase, facilitating the development of an excellent mobile program that can work smoothly on all handheld gadgets. This way, the time of developers and cost of businesses are required in low amounts, resulting in quicker app release to different platforms. 

So, if someone wants to get good smartphone software at the lowest possible price point that can fit the bill of all mobile phones, they must hire Flutter app developers without reconsidering their plunge. Now if you are thinking that this is the end of the Flutter tale, we must say you could not be more wrong. 

Because you will learn about a few more benefits of using Flutter for your mobile app formation by reading this content ahead. Therefore, let’s kick off the discussion with:

Chief statistics for Flutter app developers

  1. According to a survey done by a popular provider of market and consumer data in 2022, 42% of developers used Flutter across the globe.   
  2. As per the official site of Flutter, more than 1 million apps have been developed using Flutter and are installed on millions of devices as of May 2023. 
  3. Based on a primer published on a trusted blogging platform, 91% of software creators claimed that Flutter has slashed the time it takes to construct and publish an application.
  4. 85% of app makers agreed that Flutter allowed them to publish their mobile program on more platforms than earlier. 
  5. 85% of development professionals claimed that Flutter made their mobile program more attractive than before.
  6. Cross-platform app development using Flutter generally costs 30% to 40% less compared to native application development. 

Hence, if these stats look motivating enough, we would advise you to employ accomplished Flutter app developers for the unique mobile app creation for your brand. 

What are some optimum advantages of relying on Flutter for cross-platform app development?

  1. It is a multiplatform SDK

If you remember well, the short form of SDK is Software Development Kit. And the best thing about this Software Development Kit is that it can be used for forging mobile programs that can work seamlessly across various platforms, like:

  1. Mobile
  2. Web
  3. Desktop

What else? When you have this framework at your disposal, you do not need to deploy individual developers to build apps for each platform. Yes, it requires the concerned software maker to write the code just once in Flutter, and then they can be rest assured of the functioning of the app across all platforms, making it an inexpensive but reliable solution for cross-platform app development. 

  1. It enables quick software development because of “Hot Reload” feature

The first and foremost thing we want to say about Flutter’s hot reload feature is that it is an extremely handy functionality that accelerates the entire app development process. A seasoned team of engineers at Google developed this feature with the purpose to enhance the development personnel’s productivity and enable them to make changes rapidly. 

Just so you know, the hot reload function allows the occurrence of a lot of things, like:

  1. Easy experimentation
  2. Feature addition
  3. UI building 
  4. Bug fixing 

And the best part? Hot reload makes it child’s play for mobile program developers to view the changes they make to their code very quickly. And experienced Flutter app developers say that they notice a delay of just a sub-second between saving the code and watching the revised variant on the same screen.     

  1. It delivers high performance 

There are no two ways about the fact that performance is heavily required in all mobile apps just because it has huge potential to influence the end-user experience. For example, it is a cakewalk to grind the gears of your visitors by letting them experience:

  1. Freezes
  2. Bugs
  3. Skipped frames

And these are something that will discourage your users from tapping your app again if they need any product or service that your application offers. But you do not need to worry about that. Wondering why? Well, Flutter-powered apps process at a rate of 60 frames per second, which will help you rest easy with operation-related concerns. 

Thus, if you want your users to experience fast and smooth operations while using your mobile program, please make sure to contact Flutter app developers now.   

  1. It comes with solid community support 

Believe it or not, but the truth is that Flutter is a highly-acclaimed open-source SDK that is supported by Google consistently. Yes, this massive yet popular search engine brand offers new updates and bug fixes continuously to motivate software developers to exploit Flutter on a regular basis. 

And because of all this, a considerable developer community is created where professionals are ready to share their tips and techniques to promote smooth software fabrication. And if you want to take maximum advantage of this community of Flutter app developers, it is necessary to start using Flutter now. 

  1. It features a massive variety of widgets 

Last but most significant thing you must know about Flutter is that its applications are formed with the help of hundreds of widgets. Thus, you can also say that these widgets are the building blocks of Flutter apps. You can utilize the aforementioned widgets to develop the functional and visual elements of an app, like:

  1. Buttons
  2. Text
  3. User input fields

Besides all this, you must know that all the widgets of Flutter are designed to follow the Material Design guidelines of Android operating system and the Cupertino style of Apple. With these widgets, you can be rest assured of customizing your app’s user interface with the least possible effort, even though this job is considered to be the most time-consuming aspect of cross-platform development. 

So, if you also wish to leverage these widgets to the fullest, you must opt for cross-platform app development powered by Flutter now.  


  1. It gives access to native features 

Over to you

Now that you have read the whole post and are mulling over how much you need to spend for Flutter-driven app creation, it is a wise decision to get the required details from exceptional Flutter app developers of a well-known IT company.