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Online Accountancy Classes

With closure of all schools and colleges in and around, it has taken a toll on the students.They are unable to cope up with the studies ,and are also burdened by numerous classes back to back. Class 11 Students are facing problems equivalent to lion’s share as they have just chosen a subject which is absolutely new to them such as accountancy. Accountancy is not taught to CBSE students till 10th standard; Hence VidyaSetu learning provides interactive and free online Accountancy classes for class 11.

Online classes which were out of bounds and unstable have turned out to be a showstopper during the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. Everything is now virtual with online classes held to help in cooking , teaching, studying , and almost every arena of life. Not only has the offline classes taken a back seat but also is now considered extremely unsafe for students as well as teachers. 

In grade 11th, CBSE students are given an opportunity to choose a field of subject from streams like commerce, science or arts. In Online classes for class 11 CBSE students’ studies do not get hampered and they are also safe inside their homes. Out of all the subjects Accountancy is one of the subjects which students are not taught earlier and hence is entirely new for them. Due to which they cannot gain proper  knowledge and score more than 90% marks without proper guidance available to them. Class 11 accountancy course involves everything from basic accounting principles and objectives to bank reconciliation statements and sole proprietorship etc. 

Reasons Why class 11 accounts online classes is required-

Earlier people were paranoid with the name Online classes as they thought it would kill the process of studying and make it available to all, without any degree of trustability. It’s true that online classes provide education to all but it is also true that it has enhanced the process of education.

  1. CBSE class 11 video lectures helps students understand the difficult topics easily as it’s a proven fact that students understand much better through videos than any other medium. 
  2.  Availability and accessibility of VidyaSetu Learning’s free Accounts classes online have broken a barrier between rich and poor by providing education to all. 
  3. Online accountancy tuition can be seen without any distraction, Accountancy is a subject of focus and concentration as it involves a lot of heavy calculations.
  4. Accounts online classes for class 11 can be taken from best   teachers or tutors who are miles away making it extremely beneficial and approachable for all. 
  5. Online coaching for class 11 CBSE is provided by various institutes and students can choose from a lot of options available. 
  6. Most of the accountancy class 11 videos provided out of HD quality and with clear audio.

Benefits of online coaching for class 11 CBSE free- 

 Students often feel that anything which is free will not be good enough but it is not true. Free Online Accountancy classes are provided free of Cost not because it is of bad quality but because there are few websites who keep education above money and greed. 

Let me list down a few benefits of Free online accountancy classes for class 11-

  1. These class 11 accounts online classes are taught by experienced faculty who are not trying to earn money through teaching.
  2. These CBSE Class 11 Video lectures are provided to all and hence bridging a gap between rich and poor.
  3. On Free sites, students studying through Online classes for class 11 accounts will also be able to interact with other students in the comment section.
  4. Also you’ll be saving a lot of your parents money if you study from these class 11 Accounts classes online for free. 

Where can I get free online classes for class 11 cbse – VidyaSetu

After understanding why Free Online Accountancy classes are better than the other Accounts online classes. It is evident for you to know which is the best free Online Accounting class for Class 11 is available for students to join. 

Vidya Setu Learning provides free online accountancy classes for class 11 and 12. It is a virtual guide available to students for them to use free of cost. VidyaSetu Learning provides online classes in all commerce subjects such as Accountancy , business studies and economics. It also provides the free study material such as NCERT Solutions, Solutions for TS Grewal and DK Goel, cbse class 11 accountancy online test and online mock test cbse class 11 accountancy. It also provides theory notes and sample papers.

VidaySetu learning is a guiding force providing every resource required for students and also helps them grow their knowledge and understand each topic thoroughly without any doubts. 

VidyaSetu Learning class 11 accounts online classes-

VidyaSetu Learning provides online Youtube Video Lectures for Accountancy classes which are recorded and can be watched multiple times. The video lectures at Vidya setu Learning Online accountancy tuition are Of great quality with crystal clear sound. The Class 11 online Accountancy classes are majorly practical giving an edge over students who are studying from pendrive courses or Directly solutions.

Benefits of Joining Vidyasetu –

  1. It is entirely FREE OF COST and students do not have to pay any money for registration, they can easily join Vidya setu on their Youtube channel. 
  2. In most of the online portals the educators are either freshers or not interactive making the lectures entirely boring for students but VidyaSetu’s educators are very well experienced. 
  3. VidyaSetu provides an online mode of teaching through YouTube Video Lectures for class 11 accounts online classes, the lectures are recorded and can be downloaded. 
  4. It is a safe solution during Covid-19 pandemic and feasible after that too. 
  5. It is accessible to all anywhere and anytime which makes it a solution to the educational problems faced in remote areas, as only the internet is required. 
  6. The students can easily ask their problems in the comment section which they would otherwise shy away and not ask in live classes. 


With Answering all your queries of online classes for class 11 CBSE to free online accountancy classes, I hope that you must have got all your doubts cleared. Online classes are an ideal resort for all problems that students are facing in a pandemic time. VidyaSetu Learning provides the best class 11 Accounts online classes for free of cost and multiple perks like free study material and solutions.