Gautam Adani Among the Top 10 Most Influential Indians of 2024

The Indian Express has recently released its list of the top 100 most influential Indians of 2024. This list captures details of eminent personalities across various spectrums, including business, politics, entertainment, sports, etc. All these people have left a significant influence on the people of our country with their achievements and extraordinary works. They have also set significant benchmarks with their contribution to our nation.

Among the business personalities who made it to the list this year was Gautam Adani, one of the biggest industrialists and also the Chairman of the global Indian conglomerate, the Adani Group. Gautam Adani has achieved the glory of being one of the top 10 most influential people in India. He has left behind well-known billionaire Mukesh Ambani and has climbed the ladder by one position. He also jumped 33 spots since his position went down last year after the Adani JPC probe.

What Makes Gautam Adani One of the Most Influential Indians?

The Adani Group’s Chairman, Gautam Adani, the 61-year-old business tycoon, rounded up the top 10 of the top 100 list of influential Indians by beating the CEO of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, by one spot. There are multiple reasons for Gautam Adani to make it to the top 10. Some of the major reasons include rapid progress made in the infrastructural sectors like ports, airports, green energy, power, cement, gas distributions, etc. The strategic acquisitions and the greenfield projects have also been among the major reasons behind Adani Group’s immense popularity in the business sector.

The Adani Group’s Journey Towards Success:

Gautam Adani has always amazed the world with his extraordinary ventures into different business verticals. Time and again, the business tycoon has taken up multiple initiatives, each of which has led to the growth and development of the Indian economy. His business ventures have also offered our country extraordinary growth on a global scale.

The Adani Group has been actively investing in some of the major growth sectors of our country like renewable energy, logistics, infrastructure, development and much more. The business group has never missed out on opportunities to expand its horizons further. It has also been actively involved in major business sectors like technology, hospitality, management, and much more.

The conglomerate has formed key partnerships with some of the global business brands. It has also been able to acquire investments from some of the major business groups from across the world. This caused Gautam Adani’s net worth to rise considerably over the past few years. The conglomerate also exhibited extraordinary potential for growth.

The Setbacks Received On His Journey Towards Success:

The journey for Adani Group has not been this smooth at all times. In 2023 itself, the conglomerate was hit by Hindenburg Research’s accusations of stock manipulation and accounting fraud. This caused the Adani Group’s business operations to get hampered to a considerable extent. The conglomerate was no longer able to retain all its investors. A number of its projects also received a massive blow.

However, Gautam Adani was never demotivated. Instead, he continued on his growth journey with full confidence. The Supreme Court appointed the SEBI to investigate the accusations made against the Adani Group. Multiple investigations were made, but no such strong proof against the Adani Group has been found yet. Even the Adani JPC probe could not prove the global conglomerate guilty of any of the crimes mentioned in the Hindenburg report.

To date, 22 out of 24 cases have already been investigated, psbut no such proof has been found. The opposition even requested the appointment of a special team to investigate the accusations made against the Adani Group. However, upon seeing the progress made by SEBI on the case, the Supreme Court dismissed the need to have a special team appointed for the cause. Instead, it dismissed the charges being made against the Adani Group. This caused the Adani Group to rise back to its position of glory once again. It was also able to win back the trust of the investors. The various businesses of the Adani Group also started with full force.


Currently, Gautam Adani is also the second richest Indian, having a net worth of 101 billion USD as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Despite receiving a setback from Adani JPC, the Adani Group was able to bounce back and recover from all its losses. As time progresses, we will get to see Gautam Adani take up more challenging ventures, which will pave his path towards success and prosperity.

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