How to Get Rid of Dust & Keep a Cleaner Airier Home

Dust. It literally appears out of mid-air, landing on everything and settling in the nooks and crannies. As much as it might be a dream, we likely won’t make it all go away completely, but there are some proactive and effective steps you can take toward reducing dust in home and keeping your living environment cleaner and healthier. This article is suggestive of home decoration tips for your healthy family.

Here are some easy ideas to preventing dust in house!

Keeping Dust Out

1. Block the Dust Highway

Believe it or not, our shoes drag in a lot of dust particles. Lay a doormat outside your door to capture dirt before it crosses the threshold and add in a washable welcome rug inside to grab any remaining sediment. A common courtesy that can contribute big time is to ask guests to take off their shoes at the door.

2. Filtration is Your Friend

Invest in an air purifier by means of a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The vacuum cleaner will likewise collect dust mites, pollen in addition other irritants that arrive the air end fall on all types of surfaces.

Vacuum with a HEPA filter Your vacuum cleaner is your best line of defense against dust, but to truly protect yourself from the tiniest particles, you’ll need a HEPA model. 

3. Declutter and Simplify

Clutter is something that Dust is very talented at. Clean Your Junk Room, Like That Junk Drawer or Closet-It should be no surprise that the areas that attract harsh dust magnets are housed in your junk drawer or closet. Minimal decor with surfaces free for easy cleaning chose from

4. Fabric Favorites:

Warm, soft carpets and throws although remain an easy home for the dust mites to settle. Rip up wall-to-wall carpeting and install hardwood flooring or area rugs that you can throw in the wash. If you cannot part with carpets, choose low-pile and vacuum them regularly. Wash throws and decorative pillows often

5. Don’t Let Dust Settle

Dry dusting only moves the particles around. Use damp microfiber cloths to catch dust as you work. Thanks to its soft texture, microfiber is also a good material for capturing dust without damaging surfaces. Be sure to clean from the top down so that your cleaning does not release settled dust into the air.

Bonus Dust-Preventing dust in house Tips

  • Groom Your Pets: Brush your pets often to eliminate excess dirt and fur from being left behind in the house. Launder pet bedding and keep them off the furniture.
  • Keep Humidity in Check: Dust mites revel in the humidity. Keep a dehumidifier to keep humidity level comfortable (30-50% ideal), this kind of environment will not let dust mites thrive.
  • Did You Know: Change Air Filters Regularly: Follow the manufacturers recommendations on replacing your air conditioner and furnace filters. As the filters get clogged, then it will not be able to trap dust properly.


Now we looked at the essentials – here are the ways to really batten down your house against dirt coming into, or being made in, your home:

6. Harness the surgical strike of Vegetation: Some houseplants are biological air filters, neutralizing dust and some pollutants. The Best Green Dust Busters Peace lilies, snake plants, spider plants – any of these botanical amigos make great partners in your unending war against dust.

7. Get Door Sweeps: Tiny in the way of home improvements but major in power, door sweeps act as seals on the bottom of your doors and won’t let the dirty dust infiltrate under them. Good for outside doors you want to lock; Great for high-traffic access points

8. Close Windows: We all love fresh air, but during the worst of pollen season or in especially dusty situations, little spring-cleaning steps like closing windows for a few hours can mean less dust filling your home. Use air purifiers with the windows shut to ensure continued circulation of clean air.

Taking Certain Dirt Oases

  • The Kitchen: The kitchen is a place where there’s always something to clean, it is also a culprit for dust. Wipe Out Appliances -Especial Toaster and Oven Crumbs Use the solution to wipe cabinet surfaces and countertops throughout the day as needed to avoid a buildup of grease, dirt and dust.
  • The Bedroom- The perfect atmosphere for sleep, but also the perfect habitat for booklice. Keep dust mites at bay through washing pillows in addition comforters often and encasing mattresses also pillows in allergen-proof covers.
  • Bathroom: The moisture of a bathroom generates the ideal scenario for the reproduction of dust mites. After using sponges and shower puffs, squeeze water, and clean the surface well so germs don’t have incubation period mound which can make dust allergy worst.

Trailing the Dust-Free Life Path

Establish a Cleaning Routine

For At Least Try to make these dust-busting tips and dust control programs a routine part of frequent housecleaning. Vacuum, Dust, Surface Clean This is a weekly task for a dust free house. Deep clean carpets and upholstery every so often.

Think Less is More 

Less stuff in the house equals less dust. Declutter weekly and get rid of tchotchkes. If you want to avoid that, then I’d suggest using a storage option with a door on it.


We need to thank God for robotic vacuums for preventing dust in house! Families with busy lifestyles can set these little devils up on a time schedule in order to prevent dust build-up between their own personal cleanings.

In the sunlit world of tomorrow we shall all be together for a dust free house!

Nevertheless, there are sure to be a lot of dust and dirt particles here in the most environmentally advantaged area after so many years. It stands to reason than that, for those who insist on life expectancy over health of environment but also have tendencies towards asthma or allergies, successful efforts in this manner can be of considerable benefit helping one’s home feel more inviting and willing for guests.

Go ahead, take a breath in that dust-be-gone paradise! Please leave me a comment below this article so we can see how many different dust treatments there are out there! What are your favorite methods of keeping dust at bay?

In Short: Can Anything get rid of The Dust?

Preventing dust in house-A cleaner – and healthier – home is often the ultimate goal achieved by these simple measures, which if nothing else is assuredly beneficial. Dust gathering no dust during regular cleaning and your sneeze-free haven will confirm that all the above methods are vast effective. How can I fight against the living dust besides my dust filled home?

Explore solutions to reducing dust in home some of the most pressing questions with six frequently asked questions.


Is there an all-round method to get rid of dust completely?

Dust is composed of elements from various sources, such as dead skin cells, textile fibers, pollen and mound spores and tiny bits of the soil. It cannot be removed absolutely. But if you take in a few of what this article offers, at least you accumulate less dust and can enjoy clearer breathing when your home is tidier.

I vacuum and mop, but then everything ends up dusty once more. Which is the reason?

There are not many. Frequently vacuum the carpets. When you vacuum, make usage of a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. So even very fine dust, the other big sources of dust that might have escaped attention, are caught. Dust has been blown in from outside? Do you have shedding pets? Regular housework plus tackling these sources of dirt will minimize the return of dust.

Yesterday I had a bad hay fever attack. What are some other ways to limit exposure to your dust allergens?

Buy air purifiers from manufacturers that use HEPA filtration technology. They will almost be a never-ending stream of removing dust particles and allergens from the air moving around us.

Weekly washing of bedding in hot water preferably More than 55°C or 130°F. You can also kill dust mite, a well-known allergen, this way. This use quality dust mite covers on mattresses and pillows would reduce more exposure to dust mites.

Keep molds at bay. Dust mites like living in hot, moist climates (above 70℉). On a consistent basis rinse these items.

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