Why Choose GFC Therapy for Hair Growth

GFC refers to Growth Factor Concentrate therapy. It is an advanced hair loss treatment that offers hair restoration through GFC injections. It is a first-line hair restoration, gaining popularity quickly across the country. Regarding the popularity of GFC, the treatment offers several benefits and has various reasons for getting it done. Learning of those elements will benefit anyone seeking an effective hair fall treatment. To do so, one may go through this blog and learn why GFC Therapy will be a great option.

Various cosmetic and medical professionals in India offer a wide range of hair restoration treatments. But, to make the blog precise and purposeful, it has been enriched by taking insights from the experts of GFC Treatment in Bangalore. These experts belong to the medical domain and have the expertise to perform GFC therapy and let one avail all the benefits of the treatment. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair fall causes are medical, physical, physiological, and genetic. In general, some of these reasons are as follows-

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Use of harmful-chemical-based cosmetic hair products
  • Tight hairstyle
  • Stress
  • Poor eating habits
  • Alcohol, smoke, and drugs
  • Poor hair care.

GFC therapy works on all these factors. For this, externally synthesized growth factors are injected into the scalp. Using artificial growth factors eliminates the chance of infections and gives one natural hair growth.  

Benefits of GFC For Hair Growth

GFC hair loss treatment offers a wide range of benefits. Some of the key benefits are as follows-

  • It reduces the excessive fall of hairs 
  • It is a painless procedure. 
  • There is no downtime from GFC therapy
  • Improve the quality of hair
  • It supports the growth of hair
  • GFC is a safe treatment.
  • Perfect for both genders
  • Procedure without surgery

The Procedure of GFC Therapy for Hair Growth

Growth Factor Concentrate treatment is an advanced injectable hair fall treatment. In these treatments, injections of growth factors are used. Growth factors used in this method are external and prepared in labs. Before performing GFC therapy, hair experts examine the candidate’s overall health and GFC suitability test. As a result, one gets benefits with no downtime and pain. 

Cost Associated with GFC Treatment

GFC for hair loss treatment is an injection-based treatment. In this method, external growth factors are used. These growth factors can be varied from one person to another. The cost of this treatment varies depending on the type of growth factor, number of injections, and level of hair fall. As a result, one looking for precise details on GFC treatment costs in India is advised to visit a nearby hair clinic.   

Difference between PRP and GFC Treatment

Some people consider GFC and PRP treatment as one and interchange the term. But these terms are two different methods of hair loss. Some of the important differences between both methods are as follows-

  1. PRP stands for Plasma Rich Platelets, a minimally invasive hair loss treatment, whereas GFC is an injectable hair restoration treatment.  
  2. PRP uses the centrifuged blood from the candidate’s body and injects the growth factors extracted into the balding scalp. However, the GFC method takes the support of external growth factors to induce in the scalp.
  3. PRP is an advanced method for one unable to receive GFC treatment outcomes.
  4. GFC is a cost-effective and safer method than the PRP method. 
  5. GFC requires less time to repair and gives one the desired outcome. 

To learn more about these treatments or the type of growth factors used in GFC Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore, one can visit Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic. This clinic in Vijayanagar offers effective hair loss treatment at a reasonable price. In addition to GFC, this clinic treats alopecia areata, dandruff, painful scalp, split hair, and grey hair. One may visit the clinic today and schedule an appointment with the top-notch hair experts of Bangalore. 

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