Gojek Clone KingX Pro: Add New Features to Beat the Competition

It is no surprise to see the popularity of the Gojek Clone Script. This On-Demand Multiservices App has become famous for obvious reasons. Offering 101+ services on the go on a single platform is no joke. Furthermore, the app has been launched with New Features to attract more users to your app platform.

The app’s ease of use and convenience are enticing more people to use GoJek-like apps. Entrepreneurs nowadays buy Gojek Clone Script Solution to generate multiple streams of revenue.

It is critical to understand the features and functions of a GoJek clone app before purchasing it. Entrepreneurs should investigate whether the app has received recent updates and features following technological advancements. In general, developing an application from scratch is expensive and time-consuming.

An excellent Gojek Clone Script is the best option to quickly launch your On-Demand Multiservices Business. Not only does it help you in saving time and money but entrepreneurs can benefit long term by investing less.

Gojek Clone App

The New Gojek Clone Script – Kingx Pro 2023

Self-isolation has become normal now, prompting the majority of people to turn to online shopping. This has increased sales using the Gojek Clone App.

With COVID introducing New Variants every season, it is more important than ever to provide something new and better to your users.

The new Gojek Clone 2023, KingX Pro 2023, is introducing it with all of the “Wow Features” to increase your sales potential.

Service Bid

Work with the world’s largest network of independent service providers. They can work on small projects as well as large-scale transformations. Invite local companies to participate in your bidding process. A matching service bid is generated based on the service provider’s Bid Offer, Reviews, and Portfolio in just a few clicks. Keeping in mind the “Social Distancing” trend, we make it easy for your users to do chores without leaving their homes. 

Let’s understand with an example here:

Jason is looking to hire a few tile and grouting services. However, he has a busy schedule and is unable to call each of them to match his work and budget requirements. He downloads KingX Pro 2023 App and posts his requirements using the Service Bid feature. The App matches the requirements from his area. This is way easier and quicker than calling a few service providers and bargaining with them about the services you wish to hire. The feature helps in making an informed decision based on reviewing their past work, quotes, ratings, and reviews.

Online Video Consultation

The Online Video Consultation feature allows your users to connect with a variety of specialists, such as doctors, lawyers, legal advisers, teachers, fitness trainers, and others. The app feature allows you to connect face-to-face and do video conferencing using your smart devices.

You can schedule a private video consultation with verified service providers in just a few taps from the comforts of your home.

Understanding the feature with an example here

Shelly was looking for a tutor for her son studying in 5th grade. She wanted to hire someone experienced and expert in Math and Science and most importantly make her feel comfortable while studying the subjects.

Shelly using the KingX Pro2023 Online Video Consultation feature was able to connect with the tutors in her area. A few test sessions helped her make an informed decision about hiring the best tutor for her son. Thus, it was a win-win situation to get the best teachers to teach from the comforts of the home using online video sessions. 

New UI/UX Signup Process

The Gojek Clone App now comes with an improved Signup process. Rather than filling a lengthy process, it has been kept brief and to the point. 

The short quick signup process includes a Face ID for the Apple users as well as Fingerprint for Android users, and a Mobile Number to generate an OTP and log in.

Driver Reward Features

The feature is intended to motivate drivers to perform better and better each time they embark on a journey. For example, the driver was pleasant throughout the journey, was able to communicate in the language as many of the riders are not native speakers, did they know the route well, and so on. This assists them in obtaining a “badge” for providing excellent services to your users. The Admin can modify the reward feature based on the different levels by offering monetary as well as non-monetary rewards.

The above-mentioned features are just glimpses of the entire app. Additionally, you can customize your On-Demand Multi-services App like Gojek to meet your business requirements. 

In Conclusion

The powerful Gojek Clone App is the Ace Card that can catapult you to the top of the business world. Do you want a quick and easy way to make money? Have you always wanted to be a business owner? Then, contact a Licensed White-Labelling company right away to go live with your own Gojek Clone App in just 7 business days.