All New Features of Gojek Clone Philippines

Without trendy features, a multi-service mobile app can never draw users! So, would you like to own an app that will help you compete like a warrior in the multi-service sector with a throat-cutting competition? If the answer is a yes to all these questions, then you need Gojek Clone Philippines right now!

Even though technological developments are occurring at a breakneck pace, this feature-rich app has already announced itself as a tough competition!

Why is the Gojek-like app referred to as the industry’s crowned head? The main reason behind it is its cutting-edge features that have absolutely changed how people shopped, book rides, order food, etc.

Let’s explore some of the critical features of this multi-service app.

Gojek-like App Features That Are Best for the Philippines

With this on-demand multi-service app, you can give your customers a taste of the comfort, luxury, and ease of booking these services in one click.

Besides that, here are the main features that will help distinguish your Gojek Cloneapp apart from the competition.

Face ID and fingerprint-authenticated login

iPhone users can use their Face ID while Android users can use fingerprint scanning to log into the app. Thus, your customers don’t need to enter their usernames and passwords every time they wish to log into the app!

With these features, they can avoid the inconvenience of memorizing the login credentials. And, for that, all they need to do is simply activate the option for biometric authentication in the app’s settings.

Search item name on the app

Finding a service or product on the app requires a lot of scrolling and swiping across several pages. And, that is one reason why customers steer clear of apps without the search feature.

However, with the Gojek Clone app, your customer will be able to conduct a quick search and find whatever they want easily.

The customers only need to enter a keyword and press the search button. And, all the relevant results will be displayed in a split second!

Record and upload voice note instructions

It’s now a lot simpler to instruct the delivery drivers regarding which route to take, where to keep the package, parking rules, etc. This vote note instructions can be very useful when you want to give instructions to the delivery driver without calling or messaging them.

This feature is available on the app’s checkout page itself.

Video call with the taxi or delivery driver

The app now provides a video call option so that users and taxi/delivery drivers could communicate more effectively than on a voice call or text chat.

Thus, your users and drivers will be able to video call each other via the Gojek Clone app and discuss queries about routes, delivery addresses, etc.!

Real-time services bidding

Your consumers will love using this unique feature where they will be able to bid for handyman services.

Service providers in the selected category receive a notification as soon as a customer posts a task on the on-demand handyman services. After that, the providers can begin bidding for the job by making an offer.

In other words, using this feature, your users and handymen can negotiate the cost of the service in real-time until they reach a win-win position.

In Conclusion:

Well, these are just a few of the features available on this on-demand application. Besides the latest features, your targeted audience in the Philippines would love to use a single app that offers 101+ on-demand services. 

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