Golf Chipping Tips – stop those miss-hits!

Many amateur golfers struggle with chipping, and having hit your ball near the green there is nothing more frustrating than fluffing a chip and then taking three more putts!

One of the best golf chipping tips is to ask you – Can I putt this? I.e. if you can avoid chipping it then do! Click Golf Chipping Tips to read From Off the Green blog post at to help you decide if you can putt the ball instead of chipping.

If you’ve decided you really do need to chip the ball then here are some great golf chipping tips which should help you.

Golf Chipping Tip #1

The chipping stroke really IS like the putting stroke, only with a different club

Golf Chipping Tip #2

The KEY to chipping is that during the stroke there is NO wrist movement AT ALL.

This is where most amateur golfers go wrong and ‘flick’ at the ball to try and ‘help’ the ball into the air. Most of the time they don’t even realize they are doing it.

Golf Chipping Tip #3

The ball needs to be further back than for a putt so that the club is still traveling downwards as you strike it. This is another common fault.

More Golf Chipping Tips – step by step

So – to get your chipping going in the right direction and stop those miss-hits, below is the list of great set of steps to get you sorted – and they’re all really simple!

  1. Take your putter first and practice this drill without a ball.
  2. Start the stroke by ‘pushing’ the hands forwards a good 6 inches. This should create an angle between the back of the hand and your wrist of between 40 and 60 degrees.
  3. The wrist should be ‘firm’ but not over tense.
  5. Make some practice putting strokes ensuring this angle NEVER EVER changes.
  6. Replace your putter with a pitching wedge or 9 iron.
  7. REPEAT the above steps, again with your EYES CLOSED and using the same grip as you do when you’re putting.
  8. Really focus on that angle in your wrist. Be honest with yourself…… is it changing?
  9. Keep repeating this without a ball until you’re confident you are doing it correctly.
  10. Get some golf balls on the chipping green or even in your garden, but give yourself a good lie to start with.
  11. Set up as you normally would for a putt.
  12. Now move the golf ball back so it is just inside your back foot.
  13. Repeat the practice swing you made earlier focusing only on maintaining that wrist angle.

If you’re ‘fluffing’ your chips it will simply be poor tempo / lack of commitment. Make a nice smooth swing back and through and commit to the shot.

You should start making consistent chipping strokes with these golf chipping tips quite quickly.

From there start working on the chipping green with different clubs to see how the ball flight changes and how it runs once it’s on the green. You can go right down to a 4 iron for really long chips!

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