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What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is considered one of the best websites ever in designing images online. Whatever your design level, you will not find any difficulty in using this excellent site to design your pictures. If you consider Photoshop as complicated for you, you can rely on DesignCap. As a reliable source for designing your photos. You will not find it challenging to create and work with various designs.

DesignCap is an image editor via the internet browser, as it contains many ready-made templates for various uses. All you have to do is modify these templates, change the texts and images, and add some of your touches to suit your need to get an excellent and professional design finally. The DesignCap website contains a User-friendly interface design and can be handled without much design experience.

Designs that can be created via DesignCap

Using DesignCap, you will be able to get all kinds of designs, as these designs are arranged in several main categories and subcategories, and we will mention the most essential strategies that can be created through the DesignCap website :

  • Brochures, posters, and advertising posters.
  • Logos for brands, companies, and more.
  • Food menus in food catering stores.
  • CV and personal identification cards.
  • Infographic to display various information and statistics.
  • Information graphs and tables.
  • Advertising posts on Facebook and social networking sites.
  • The thumbnails of the YouTube videos on your channel.

All previous designs and more you can get them easily across the large site DesignCap, and will be able to create your designs for yourself without the need for a designer, site DesignCap worth a try and you’ll love it for sure.

Sign up for the site and start designing

Before starting the design, you must subscribe to the DesignCap site. The subscription process is very important to you, as your designs will always be saved on the site. You will be able to access your previous designs from any computer once you log in, and the sign-up process is straightforward. It can be done using your Facebook or Google account, With the need to activate the account by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail for the subscription process to be completed successfully.

Browse categories of ready-made template designs

After completing the registration process and activating the account, you can enter the design section by clicking Get Started Now. In it, you will find many design templates ready for modification. There are several main categories of templates, such as Marketing, Documents, Events, etc. There are many categories Sub to make it easier to find the right design template to modify within these main categories.

The number of templates in each subcategory is indicated. Each template has a unique name that shows the content of the template. Some of these templates are available for free modification. In contrast, the paid templates are marked with a jewel icon in the design’s top right. Press Preview to preview the design’s full size, or start editing the design by clicking on Customize.

Learn about the design interface and its various tools

DesignCap interface very merely. On the left side, a set of tools will be displayed to customize the design. On the right side, you will see the design template that you have chosen to modify, with the ability to enlarge and reduce the design as needed for preview or go back and progress in the successive design modification steps. We will explain the essential elements of the design interface in DesignCap :

Prepare multiple design pages.

The design template contains only one page. However, you can add more pages to the design and its design. This will help you in designs that need two or more sides, and you can create a blank page or create a copy of the current page of the design, and move between the two pages very quickly or get rid of one of them, too, is done using the small icons to the right of the design.

Dealing with layers in the design space

All design elements can be dealt with quickly, as they can be identified, rotated, or moved to any place in the design. For images, color effects can be applied to them and control transparency, contrast, lighting, etc., while texts can be modified. The font style, color, size, character spacing, etc. can be modified. Add the outer border and paint it as you like.

Arrange the layers in the design

The design may contain many different layers in the same place, so arranging the layers is very important to give each element the right to appear in the design. For the page and make it right in the middle or at the ends of the page very easily.

Use of various editing tools

On the right side, many tools can be used to customize the design, and by using these tools correctly, you will get excellent results for your designs. And we will explain the most important of these tools and how to deal with them:


To add basic design elements such as halls, shapes, and speech windows, in addition to many modern decors and beautiful colorful shapes.


Photo is a tool to add an image to the design from the internet. There are several ready-made categories for different types of images, with the ability to search for a specific image from the search bar.


Set of graphs related to statistics, such as tables, maps, columns, circles, and others. The chart data must be modified and written in detail before adding it to the design.

  • Uploading images 

Uploading is a special tool to upload images to the site and use it for various designs. It only allows you to upload 5 images for free with the adoption of many images when subscribing to the paid best ppc service.

  • TEXT

Some texts contain large headings and other small ones, with some frames and backgrounds in some types of fonts to add arranged and formatted text shapes.


A set of professional elements that give the design a stunning look may contain images, text, and ready-made shapes, such as social media icons, comparisons between images, and many more.


To replace your designs’ backgrounds with beautiful backgrounds, you can choose a fixed color for the design or a gradient, or browse a set of ready-made backgrounds on the site.

Saving designs on-site and exporting them to the computer.

During the design and dealing with various tools, the work is saved automatically without any intervention from you. At any step, you take the work is saved automatically after several seconds. After the design is completed in full, you can export the work to the computer. From the Download button, you can download the work. The final design with the design name written allows you to download the JPEG format work with limited quality with a free subscription.

Manage your designs on site

DesignCap supports the ability to save your designs on the site so that it can be modified later at any time and from any other device. All you need is to log on to your account to access your designs and support site save five designs, only free subscription.

You can also share your designs and display them to others. From the options button on the site, choose Share, select the type of participation to view only, or the ability to edit and copy the design link.

Subscribe to the paid service and compare it with the free service

Once you subscribe to DesignCap. The free subscription will be activated in your account, in which your access to the site’s resources will be limited. By subscribing to the paid version, you will have more powers. In the paid version, you will be able to access all templates, use all fonts with the ability to upload your font to the site, and save the design on a computer with very high quality and other features.

DesignCap features

  • An excellent site for professionally designing images online.
  • Many templates are ready to be modified and used.
  • Templates are arranged in main categories and subcategories for easy browsing.
  • A large number of ready-to-add components with various uses.
  • Easily add photos online and arrange them in categories.
  • Find any image from internet and add it directly.
  • Use rich text in a number of different ways.
  • A set of professional ready-to-use items.
  • Save design projects on-site and access them from any device.
  • Export and share photos over the internet with permissions set.

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