A Perfect Guide To Shopping Mens Casual Shirts Online

Traditionally seen as an undergarment for Modern African Clothing men, a shirt was seen as a symbol of sophistication and richness. Today you will find plenty of smart mens casual shirts online. They are usually comfortable, lightweight, easy to maintain, and also help you to amp your appearance without much effort. Besides this, there are also a lot of styles and fabric to pick from.

What are Casual Shirts?

Casual shirts create an ideal balance between too formal and too casual. It is formal in comparison to a tee and casual than a jacket and blazer. There are endless ways to wear it. You can pair them with jeans, trousers, and chinos. You can even tuck or unstuck them while heading out. You can choose any color but just make sure that you do not go for busy prints.

Things to Note:

a) Fabric

The fabric of the shirt is also another factor that you should consider while purchasing mens modern clothing online. Go for the one which is breathable and light in weight. But how do you know if the fabric is breathable or not? Simply place the fabric against your mouth and try to breathe through it. If the air pushes via the fabric, it is not breathable. Also, avoid see-through fabrics while shopping.

b) Fit

The fit of a shirt can make or break your look. There are mainly three kinds of fit that you get- relaxed, slim, or skinny fit. Avoid skinny fit as it can highlight all the wrong details of your upper body. However, depending on your physique, you can pick either slim or comfort fit. If you a man with a fatty stomach, then comfort fit is ideal for you because it will make your stomach look smaller than you really are. On the other hand, if you have a well-toned body, you can opt for a slim fit. But you need to make sure that what you wear is comfortable for you.

c) Color

Its best to you pick basic colors and styles like navy, blue, black, and white. You can even choose check, striped or self-printed shorts as per your need and liking. It’s a great idea to wear solid casual shirts as they are versatile and you can wear them with anything.

How to Wear and Style Long Sleeved Casual Shirt?

Long sleeved casual shirts are versatile pieces in the mens wardrobe. Shirts have existed for decades. Mens casual shirts online are not just for offices which mean that they can be worn even after the long working day is over.

a) Plaid

Plaid shirts are once reserved for cowboys and lumberjacks. Since then they have become most the famous choice for men. Try pairing your dark plaid shirt with dark blue jeans for a classic look. If you want to get a more casual but warmer look, pair your shirt underneath a bomber jacket or hoodie.

b) Denim

Denim shirts have seen a revival in recent years. These modern shirts can be found in any clothing store. If you want to get a modern look, pair a light denim shirt with dark tailored jeans. In the summer, you can pair them with white jeans for a classic and cool look.

c) Oxford

White oxford shirt never ‘goes out of style.’ In comparison to the other shirt styles, they can be worn both in the office and during weekends.

d) Printed

Printed casual shirts are the best option if you want to add a little bit of thrill and color to your wardrobe. When it comes to choosing a printed shirt, it all depends on your personal preference. Try wearing it under a dark suit or with dark jeans for a sophisticated and casual twist. Get ready for casual shirts online shopping today!!