December 8, 2021

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Top 4 Habits Of a stylish Man:

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Being stylish is the birthright of every human being. None of us were born stylish, we adopted different styles and fashion trends while growing up. Being stylish or looking elegant all the time doesn’t mean you have to be filthy rich. There is a common misconception that if you are stylish, dressed up properly, and looking elegant every time you meet people, it means you have tons of money and you have hired a whole team of people who make you look great every day. Stylish people have few habits. They focus on themselves and what they are wearing all the time. They are possessive about nothing but just themselves. Stylish people mostly have just a few fashion brands on which they trust the most. Also, they don’t run behind every new fashion trend but instead, they focus on their body and personality and then adopt fashion trends accordingly. 

In the article below I am going to shed light on the top 4 habits of a stylish man. If there is someone around you with a strong style statement and you want to be like him then worry not the below 4 habits can help you in achieving your goals. 

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Invest in your Key pieces: 

Stylish men focus on the key clothing items. They believe in simplicity. Being stylish doesn’t mean having to fill up your wardrobe with tons of clothes. Just a few key pieces can help you in styling up every day. As a pair of black skin-tight jeans, formal pants, a few T-shirts, A Denim jacket, and A couple of formal shirts, that’s it. 

Key clothing items are best to be mixed and matched. You can style them up in different ways every day and impress others with your style game. All you need to do is invest in some good quality and durable key clothing items. You can get some best quality casual items from Vlone officials too. 

Don’t hesitate in spending much on your key clothing items, it is a one-time investment. Once you have invested in good quality stuff, you can now wear them for decades. 

Take Grooming Religiously: 

Not only clothes, but grooming is equally important to look stylish. Suppose you are wearing expensive clothes and shoes, but you have a messy hairstyle with a long gross beard? It looks awkward even while thinking about this look. So in simple words, it is equally important to focus on your grooming. You must have one or two grooming sessions with your stylist. 

Get a pepper stylish haircut, ask your stylist which beard style looks perfect on your face, etc. Also always go for a hair and beard style that is easy to maintain. 

A neat and clean person always gives a good impression to others. So it is important to pay attention to your grooming besides your clothing. 

Never Drop your shoe game: 

No one can ever ignore the importance of good shoes in your life. Shoes give first impressions they are the first thing that most people notice. Stylish people are always possessive about the type of shoes they are wearing. You must own 2-3 stylish and expensive shoe pairs in your closet. I am not talking about a wardrobe full of shoes, but just 2-3 durable and good quality shoes. I would suggest to you all, toa always focus on quality, not quantity. 

Buy shoes according to your job nature. If you are working in a formal environment ( in banks or government jobs) then have a good collection of formal shoes like leather shoes, Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Loafers, etc. 

Or get yourself some casual shoes like joggers, sneakers, or converse if you work in a casual environment like advertising agencies, etc. 

Also, focus on the cleanliness of your shoes. After coming back home from a long hectic day, just take out 2-3 minutes and clean your shoes with a soft wet cloth. Use good polish and shoe cleaner and keep them away from dust and water. 

Be confident: 

After good clothing, shoes, and a lot of grooming, all you need is Confidence. Remember that stylish men are always confident. They don’t hesitate while walking and talking. When you are confident, people will always focus on you, not on how you are styled up.


Here are some simple yet important habits of every stylish man. Adopting these habits might help you to look elegant and stylish all the time. 

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