Hacking Performance In CSGO By The Notorious Cheaters

Some peoples love to play CSGO instead of Pubg because there is rendering issue in pubg. But you solve the issue of Pubg buildings not rendering fix.

Cheating has existed in every form of sport. In physical sports, people use performance enhancing drugs to get an unfair advantage. In esports, people use hacks and cheating programs that grants them a variety of powers. Even though you must have encountered at least one hacker in matchmaking, it is different for pros as they have to undergo stringent checks, which makes cheating almost impossible. Yet in spite of those strict rules and checks, some people still manage to do it. 

Here are top 5 CS:GO cheaters who were  banned for hacking. KQLY was a 24-year old French player, playing for LDLC when he got VAC Banned. It was at ESL One Cologne where he hit some of the most ridiculous shots of his career, which obviously went viral after the VAC Banned. Him jump shotting PAsha with a USP, in the quarter finals of the tournament is one of the most iconic CS:GO clips till date. He got plenty of fans after he hit that shot. Pasha even named it ‘kukli style’ after being hit with that. 

Things were going well and LDLC had qualified for DreamHack Winter, one of the most awaited tournaments of the year. But a week before that, on 21st November 2014, KQLY had a VAC Ban on his account, which lead to the disqualification of his team from DreamHack Winter. He later released a statement on his Facebook page, confessing that he gave in to the temptation and  tried cheats in matchmaking and public servers, Gordon Giry aka SF is yet another French Player who was banned just hours after KQLY received his ban. Some of the hackers use code vein cheat engine to hack the games.

He was playing for Epsilon when this happened, and this team too, was disqualified from DreamHack Winter. Two of the prominent french players getting banned on the same day spelt doom for the reputation of the country. While KQLY somehow got back in to the competitive scene after a few years, SF did not even try. This has to be one of the most awkward matches ever casted. On 10th October 2014, a match of Team Property and Hell Raisers in the Fragbite Masters tournament got an absurdly high amount of attention. Emilio, a player for team property, who was top-fragging for his team, was VAC Banned, in the middle of the match. The casters were shocked and had no idea how to react to the situation. 

Later on, Emilio tried to defend himself by claiming that a friend had used from a smurf account, but since his main account and the smurf were both linked to the same email ID, his steam account received a VAC ban as well. This seemed like a hail-mary attempt to save his reputation by creating hilarious excuses. A few months later, he did admit to cheating and said that his previous statement was just an attempt to defend his integrity. 

But he too, like every other cheater said that he used the cheats only in match makimg, and never in official tournaments. LEo was a new player for a Chinese team called Fierce Tiger. This team was created when two of the most prominent teams in china, vici and flash successful gaming parties came together to form vg.l fash, and the remaining players who did not make it into this team created Fierce Tiger. LEO however, was a new player that Fierce Tiger had recruited. On 19th May 2018, Leo had a VAC Ban on his account. 

He and his team were immediately disqualified from the CSGO Asia Championship that they were participating in. More controversy followed after the VAC Ban. On the day of the finals of the Asia Minor qualifier, their opponents VG.Flash did not show up to the play the match. They later claimed that somebody had broken into their house and sabotaged their internet connection. They even posted videos showing how their wires had been cut off. Obviously, it was difficult to point fingers But they claimed that Fierce Tiger was responsible for this. 

The worst case scenario for cheating in the game would be getting banned from the game. But breaking into someone’s house? Thats a criminal offense that can get you jailed. This incident still remains as a black spot in the history of chinese CS:GO Oh this man, i have no WORDS to describe how notorious this guy is. He had the guts to hack on a LAN tournament, with admins right behind him. That itself gets him on our no.

1 spot OpTic India had just been formed a few months ago and immediately started dominiating the indian scene. ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND was their first ever international event for which they had qualified. OpTic India was facing revolution. the anti-cheat suspected something suspicious on Forsakens PC This is where the admins paused the game and checked his PC When they alt tabbed and minimized the game, they found a command prompt window running. When they questioned him about it, forsaken immediately closed the window.. Upon further investigation on his pc, the admins found three files named ‘word.exe’ and executed them via the command prompt again. Forsaken immediately deleted these files, in front of the admin himself. More admins weere called and they did a data recovery on his pc in order to retrieve the deleted files. They traced it back to something called EZ FRAGS. This was enough evidence for the admins to take a decision and disqualify optic india. OpTic Gaming shut down its Indian operations after this incident. 

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