Healthy Habits to Practice During Pregnancy

When it’s time to welcome your baby in this world, you’ll face so much happiness and so much trouble! After a while, all new moms feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and it’s normal. However, you can help yourself and make that period more comfortable, easier and healthier. Being pregnant, you must pick up good habits which will help you to feel better during this period and after delivery when you recover, breastfeed and take care of your little one. Consider your pregnancy as the best time to make some lifestyle changes. You know, mother’s lifestyle and the right diet play a key role in her and her child’s well-being. 

So, despite the fatigue, sleepiness, constant hunger, and nausea – we all were there – get out of your cozy couch and try to adopt some healthy habits during pregnancy. When you get used to them, you won’t regret your efforts!

Stay Active

It’s hard to imagine living a healthy lifestyle without sport. Physical activity is a crucial part of everyday life; experts recommend doing some light exercises even to disabled people. As for pregnancy, when you exercise, you are getting the body ready for labor, oxygenate your organism and fetus. Plus, your well-trained back and muscles won’t be sore when you carry your newborn in a ring sling or just in your arms for endless hours. If you are lucky to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, feel free to get regular strength conditioning or aerobic exercise. Other prego-safe activities are walking, swimming, yoga. Steer clear from extreme or dangerous sports: running, horseback riding, scuba diving, waterskiing, etc.

Keep Balanced Diet

Healthy Habits to Practice During Pregnancy

Healthy eating habits include consuming products from each food group – fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, meat, fish, beans. However, do not overeat – it’s bad not only for you but also for the fetus. Also, you must have folic acid; you’d better start taking it before pregnancy and continue for several months while you are carrying. The average dose is 400mg a day; you can find folic acid in orange juice, fortified cereals, broccoli, and spinach. Some women may need additional multivitamins, folic acid, or other supplements. If you are not sure about the right nutrition, you must consult a doctor or midwife.

Do Not Use Harmful Substances

Developing habits include giving up smoking: if you did it before, you MUST give it up now when you are carrying a baby. It’s too harmful for him/her! Smoking may even cause fetal death. Also, do not drink alcohol, even a little amount is dangerous for a baby-to-be.

Avoid using chemicals, e.g., solvents, varnishes, paints, glue, hair dyes. Try to substitute them by natural means and treatments.

Be Careful With Medicines

Some of the medicaments are linked to birth defects. So, you have to be very careful about them, always consult your doctor before taking any of them. If you have serious illnesses, e.g., problems with thyroid, diabetes, etc., and take prescribed drugs regularly, talk to your doctor about what you must do for a healthy pregnancy.  

Take A Rest

Healthy Habits to Practice During Pregnancy

Take rests during a day as much as possible, lie down, put your feet up and relax. As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll feel tired, so take naps, read, watch movies, do light exercises or practice yoga or other restful and quiet activities. Go to bed earlier and sleep as much as you want. You’d better sleep on your left side, placing a pillow under your stomach.  You should also talk to your partner and share duties, house chores with your partner.

Don’t Stress Out Too Much

Pregnancy is usually an enjoyable time; however, it may be really stressful. You have to prepare everything for your little one, take care of yourself and your family, etc. It’s almost impossible to avoid stressful situations completely, but you should find your own stress management tools so that you can stay physically and emotionally healthy. What are these tools? It can be prenatal yoga classes, reading something positive, writing blog posts, walking in nature, etc. You have to choose the activity which helps you to take stress under control.  

Sex Is Best For Health

If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, sex is safe even during the 3d trimester. It’ll strengthen the bond between you and your partner, relieves back pain and stress. However, you both will have to experiment with new positions that are comfortable for your big, adorable belly. It’s going to be fun and pleasant!

There are thousand and more benefits of a healthy lifestyle, especially for a mom-to-be. We hope with these tips, you’ll feel comfortable starting a new page of your life.

Take care!

Bio: Betti Wilson is a mother to 3 kids and a wife to an amazing husband. She’s been working as a fitness instructor for 5+ years; also Betti loves practicing yoga and enjoying the time in nature. In her free time, Betti writes posts about parenting, a healthy lifestyle, and diets.

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