Helpful Tips on Using Crutches

Crutches are one of the top tools to aid walking for people with injured leg or knee. When unfortunately an individual meets an accident, and suffer severe injury taking the help of these specially crafted crutches becomes essential to support body and movement. It is very obvious to understand that no person knows beforehand to how to walk with crutches and use it efficiently to walk freely. For them, here is a quick-tip guide to read and understand the best way to use crutches and make your injury journey a comfortable one.

Usually, crutches demand a powerful grip and upper body strength to hold and manage. Here are a few very nice tips to make the best use of the crutches.

  1. Crutches Size: Each individual have different height and thus adjustable crutches are required to match the height of the patient. The edge of the crutches should rest 2 inches below the armpit and the hand rest should be around 2 inches below the waist so that patient bent while hole holding and maintain a balance. If you are thinking of buying the right orthopedics supplies from online, you can check Medintent Supply for a broad range and affordable price.
  1. Check the Grips: The grips and cushioning of the crutches should be extremely comfortable else it may hurt the patient. The foot of the crutches should be very specific in grip else chance of falling existed. Check the quality before buying or if you have any crutches at home, check the condition and get necessary parts replaced.
  1. Learn the trick while Standing and Getting up on Stairs: Patients need to learn the key steps on how to use crutches while standing up or getting on stairs. This will not be an easy task. While standing from a sitting position, put all your pressure on the uninjured side and slowly stand. Similarly while going up, first move forward with your uninjured side and then swing slowly your injured side. If you can accompany any partner, it is better to have them by your side, at the times of need.
  1. Take a Small Step: It is usually seen with many patients that they begin to walk quite fast with crutches, but this is not safe at all. Move with a moderate pace and always take care that you do not slip on the frictionless surface. IT is not about discouraging your spirit rather it is a precaution step.
  1. Take one step at a Time: Yes, while going up or coming down, do not act smart and try to fling the stairs. Maintain a pace and move with one step at a time.
  1. Take Rest: While standing gives rest to your body and do not put pressure on the armrest as it will lead to pain in your hands and can get you in trouble. 

Your body is very precious and keeps it safe and healthy always. Hope these tips on using crutches will give you an insight on how to use the crutches. 

Always make sure to get some tips from your physician and lead a safe and healthy life.

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