Here’s why the world is going gaga over YEEZYs

Over the past couple of years, the Adidas YEEZY sneakers have really captured the imagination of the masses and they have become one of the trendiest sneaker series of all time. Everyone you know wants a YEEZY of his own, right from sneaker collector to occasional enthusiasts of sneakers. The YEEZY sneaker series was developed by Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas.

The YEEZYs are popular because of their celebrity connection in Kanye West and also because they have own distinct and unique style which separates them from the other sneaker collections out there. Despite them carrying a hefty price tag, the YEEZYs are immensely popular around the world and new releases of YEEZYs get sold out in a manner of seconds.

The fashion world and especially the sneaker section is going gaga over the YEEZY’s and market analysts anticipate that this fanfare and demand of YEEZYs will continue very well into the future. If you still can’t make sense of the hullaballoo surrounding the YEEZYs then read on further to understand the various reasons behind the soaring popularity of the YEEZY sneaker collections. So without much further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Very limited quantities :- One of the main reasons for the soaring popularity of YEEZYs is the scarcity of the same. For every other launch, there are just a limited number of quantities produced and distributed by Adidas. For those wishing to purchase the YEEZYs directly from the website have to go through something called a ballot system. For those who have failed in buying their YEEZYs through the online balloting system can try their luck out at Adidas retail stores.

Adidas seems to have hit marketing gold with this strategy because the limited number of quantities means that not everyone will get their hands on the recently launched YEEZYs like YEEZY 500 salt even if they are willing to pay top-dollar for the same. This creates something called FOMO or “Fear or Missing Out” which has people of all ages queuing outside Adidas retail stores to get their hands on the latest YEEZYs.

People are known to queue up at retail stores right from 4 am and during the pandemic, some people even didn’t care about flouting social distancing norms to get their hands on the latest YEEZYs. Such is the fanfare of the YEEZYs and it is expected to continue very well into the future.

2. It’s a status symbol :- Sneakers have always been one of the most important accessories for the younger generation almost as important as watches and handbags. No look is complete without the right footwear and hence youngsters don’t mind paying t0p-dollar for their favorite sneakers. Further, the “fear of missing out” has a huge role to play in the constant demand for the sneakers. Various athletes and now celebrities have been associated with sneaker collections and it has been one of the driving forces behind their sustained and growing demand. Due to limited quantities, exclusivity, scarcity and FOMO, a YEEZY which would have sold for around $349 retail, later sells for around $2,000 in the resale market.

3. Collector’s Paradise and High Resale Value :- The world-wide sneaker resale market is currently valued at nearly $3 billion and it is expected to double in size, in the next 4 years, by around 2025. Most people buy the YEEZYs because they want to add new releases to their enviable sneaker collections while others are just trying to make a fast buck by flipping sneakers like the YEEZY 500 salt in the release market, where they can easily sell fro twice the retail price. So there is huge sentimental value as well as a lot of economic potential for people who are invested in YEEZYs.

The Bottom Line

The YEEZYs have really captured the imagination of the masses and their demand continues to go from strength to strength. This is mainly because no one wants to miss out on any trend and everyone wants to be a part of an exclusive club and brands like YEEZY and SUPREME has very clearly marketed this strategy to the tune of millions of dollars. Given the kind of benefits that one can avail by buying getting himself sneakers like the YEEZY 500 salt, it is actually not a bad proposition to buy the same, despite of its hefty price tag. So what are you waiting for? Order your YEEZYs today!