Classy minimal home decor items to get for your home

Our abode is the place where we reside. It is not just a space made from bricks and cement, its a part of our personality. It is a place where we belong and feel protected. We build a home with love and give it the bits of our personality. It depicts our stories and it is the place where we spend the best and worst moments of our life. This makes it necessary for a home to look pleasing and provide comfort. There are several ways in which one can decorate the home to look more beautiful and give a glimpse of our beliefs. One of the most popular and trending home decor styles that has become prevalent these days is Minimalism. Minimalism goes by the motto: “LESS IS MORE”.

The minimal style has gained a lot of popularity among the millennials and GenZ’s lately. They believe that decluttering the environment around you helps you release the negative energy that surrounds you. When you declutter you free up the mental space that was otherwise preoccupied with unwanted things. A minimal home is uncluttered, stress-free and very easy to clean. Having said that, here we have some decor items that you can use to make your home look more minimal and spacious-

Cushions– Choose pastel shades, maybe one, two or utmost three. For all your carpets, tables and other furniture and then try pairing them with patterned cushions of colours that match with your furniture. You can select similar spectrum colours or totally contrasting shades that will help you do some colour blocking. For example- If you have shades of white and grey in your living room, where the walls are white and your furniture is grey or subtle, then add patterned cushions that are bright blue or have dark hues of blue. You can pair this blue colour with one other colour to add life to your room. Introduce the third colour based on the vibe of your house, lighting in it etc. Because the furniture in your room is pale, pair it with lively colours to make your room talk.

And if you find it hard to purchase the best quality furniture for you, it is quite okay because sometimes it actually gets hard to fit in your dream furniture in your budget. If this is the case for you then do not worry, you can rent the furniture of your choice instead of purchasing it. Just go to and get your dream furniture on very nominal monthly rent. To get an additional discount on your rent, get a Rentickle offer from and make your shopping cost effective.

Leaning bookcase and home organiser– This yellow colour book organiser is very spacious and gorgeous. Place it anywhere in your house, and it will surely give your home a minimal look. It is one of the modern assets that you can place anywhere according to your requirement. This wooden bookcase is detachable and very durable. This bookcase is made specially so that you can maximize your living room space and use it for other purposes. This bookshelf is ideal for keeping your books CD’s, small home decor items, photo frames and much more. Best part is that you can get leaning bookcase for your home for a very less price from online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

3D wall art animal- This wall hanging can be your go-to resort if you are done adding those monotonous and boring geometric photo frames and silhouettes in your living and bedrooms. It will give your room a lively and classic look. You can pair it up with a coloured light to make it look even more aesthetic and appealing. Match the shade of light with your wall colour. For example if you have white walls then put up a yellow light above or below this wall art animal to make your item look lively. This decor item is going to outshine all your photo frames and other decor items if done right. You can select from a variety of wall art animals online, choose one that goes with the vibe of your house. And if you are confused then go for the GOJEEVA 3D wall art deer, it is never a fail.

Add a plant to your room– A plant in your bedroom, be it minimal or not, is sure to give you the feeling that a friend might give. Plants are very beneficial and indoor plants are known to give out very positive vibes when kept in the bedroom. No matter how small your plant pot is, it is bound to give your room gravity and a feeling of belonging. Researchers say that when you put a plant indoor, and try to maintain it, it gives you a feeling of responsibility which in turn converts into a sense of achievement. There is a huge variety of foreign and ingenious plants online on flipkart and Amazon. Get one for your bedroom from there. And do not forget to apply an Amazon India promotional code from to get a discount on your purchase.

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