Hoop Earrings: The Millennial Alternative to Classic Studs

“Put your hoops in and remember who you are.” Hoop earrings are an essential piece in any jewellery lover’s collection. Having been around for centuries, hoops saw a huge boost in the 1960s and the hoop craze has carried on from there! They’re the classic go-to pair of earrings that spice up any look. Going on a night-out? Hoops. Heading to a casual picnic in the park? Hoops. Want to dress up your lazy day sweatpants? Hoops!

You can’t deny the power of an accessory and the hoop earring is the perfect example of this. With the many styles and choices on the market today, here’s how to find your perfect pair of hoops.

Pick your size

To start your search for the perfect hoop earring, it’s important to pick a size. Hoops come in many different shapes and sizes and you just need to figure out what works for you!

If you’re a fan of dainty jewellery, look to small hoops or huggies. This style is easy to keep simple and perfect for those who want to wear earrings everyday but don’t want any fuss. Small hoops are also a great choice if you have multiple piercings. They look beautiful in a stack – a huge earring trend right now – alongside sparkling studs, long chandelier earrings or a bigger pair of hoops!

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, go for a medium sized hoop. This size demands more attention and gives you a chance to experiment with shapes. If you want something even bigger than that, go for a pair of large, oversized hoops. This style is a major throwback to the 90s and are perfect for a night out.

Going for gold… or silver?

For your first pair of hoops, you should look for something clean, sharp and all about the material. Gold hoops are classic statement earrings that can take your look from day to night. Now that we’re moving into the warmer months, the glimmer of gold looks stunning in the sun and with brighter colours. If you’re a silver fan, silver hoops are staple earrings that you need in your collection, especially if you’re looking for something more neutral. Once you have the basics in your collection, you can then dive into more textured and colourful materials, like enamel.

Play with shapes

The most popular hoop shape has got to be the circle. The circle balances and flatters any face shape but when you’re building up your hoop collection, it’s important to branch out and try different shapes and textures. More brands have created square hoops which give an extra dimension to a look and work well in a range of widths.

Find your signature style

Once you’ve decided size, shape and colour, you can start to really figure out your style. Mixing metals, playing with textures and incorporating gemstones are all ways to jazz up your hoop earrings. Gemstones are especially great ways to inject more colour and sparkle. Choosing hoops like the Manhattan Earrings that have interchangeable gems gives you more options for your wardrobe. You can remove the gem and have a simple everyday hoop or put the gem on for a more exciting look.

Take a look at Auree Jewellery’s range of hoop earrings and start building your hoop collection today.