May 17, 2022

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Is it possible for an average student to pass the IIT-JEE exams? Yes!! An average kid can absolutely crack IIT JEE if he or she is willing to work hard and consistently. Many mediocre students have achieved good results in IIT JEE examination. Clearing JEE Mains (or JEE Advanced) isn’t a simple task, and it can’t be based on your mental power. It is something that necessitates a great deal of self-assurance, devotion, hypothetical knowledge, unique love for subjects, and the ability to study effectively and efficiently.

It’s not like in school when you memorised a fact from your textbook, flat questions appeared, and you scribbled the answer and received full points. You eventually rose to the top. Things are remarkably unpredictably unpredictable here. It’s time to properly characterise and implant your abilities. If you choose to manage your time properly, the rest will fall into place. 

How can an average student crack IIT JEE exam? The following are the tips you must follow:


Generally average students are more consistent in their studies. They are unconcerned about study schedules. They never neglect their assignments or homework. They are not squanderers of time. They have a goal in mind that they are working toward every day. These students’ study on a regular basis rather than when they feel like it. 

Good Strategy

You must plan your preparation in order to develop mental toughness and clarity about your aim. Because mental toughness is a muscle, you may strengthen it by exercising on it on a daily basis. To construct your preparation approach, you must first familiarise yourself with the curriculum, create a timeline, understand the test pattern, and gather study materials.

Passion and Willpower

Regardless of the talent you were born with, passion and willpower can help you crack JEE. Most students fear when things get tough and eventually give up. Mentally strong kids on the other hand stay on course, no matter how tough things are.

Take Initiatives

Be specific about your goals if you want to improve your consistency and mental toughness. It’s time for you to take action. Mental toughness can be compared to a muscle. It must be worked on in order to grow and develop. You can’t just think your way to mental toughness; you have to prove it to yourself by really accomplishing something.

Practice and Effort

Push yourself to the maximum in the face of your limitations. You cannot reach anywhere without difficulties! Increase your study time and put unwavering effort to succeed in IIT-JEE exam. Practice as many as questions you can and give extra time to understand concepts. Always keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to success.

Accomplish Small Goals

Set small, achievable goals for yourself throughout your preparation process. The purpose or goal could be as simple as getting up earlier in the morning so you can devote more time to studying and revising. It could also be a long-term goal, such as completing the entire Physics syllabus in 6-7 months. This can assist you in establishing a healthy routine, improving discipline and consistency, and ultimately leading to a favourable conclusion. 

Guidance and Mentoring

The coaching and mentoring of professors and specialists are some of the most beneficial things for students who are considered weak or mediocre. Consider enrolling in a JEE coaching centre in Kerala or online coaching programme if you haven’t already. The teachers will not only guide you down the appropriate path to JEE success but will also answer any of your questions about the exam, whether they are subject-specific or about growing mental power.

Develop Good Behaviours

Being psychologically tough isn’t about being inspired or driven. It’s all about cultivating daily habits that allow you to stick to a study schedule while also overcoming challenges and diversions on a regular basis. It boils down to your willingness to study and practice every day. 

Don’t let anyone’s impression of you as an average student define you. Any student may pass the IIT-JEE exam. if they have the right mindset and put in the necessary work. A well-planned strategy, combined with determination, can help an average student crack IIT-JEE exam.

 Hope you found these tips useful!

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