August 19, 2022

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The Concept of on Demand App: How Does on Demand Apps Work?

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on demand app

On-demand apps have left no industry untouched. From restaurants to spas and even handyman services, everything is available on-demand. A gigantic service variety is available on on-demand Gojek-like apps. Undoubtedly, every service rendered on the app is quick, convenient, reliable, and high-quality. But, behind every superior service, there is a debate about how to develop the perfect on-demand app solution? 

In this blog, let’s discuss every aspect on the same wavelength as the above-stated question. We will go through the definition of on-demand apps, how to develop them, their workflow, and much more. Let’s explore without further ado. 

What Are On-demand Apps? 

On-demand apps like Gojek are the mediators between local businesses and customers. Here are some examples, Uber for booking taxis, Postmates to hire professional car washers, and Deliveroo for food delivery. An on-demand app allows the customers to order the desired service. The service requested is delivered to their doorstep in minutes. In a nutshell, an on-demand multiservice app like Gojek solves everyday problems of a customer like;

  • Parcel delivery 
  • Grocery delivery 
  • Hiring beauticians 
  • Booking an ambulance 

Note that these are only a handful of services your customers can avail of on the on-demand app solution like Gojek. 

How to Build an On-demand App: A Step-by-step Process 

Follow these steps if you want to develop a perfect unique app for your on-demand multiservice business

  1. Research relevant information about your target audience. 
  2. Find a well-established and highly-experienced white-labeling firm to build the app. 
  3. Take the demo app trial for a considerable span. 
  4. Exchange your requirements with the Project Manager, 
  5. Choose your payment option. 
  6. Develop a mature, bug-free, and fully-functional on-demand multi-service platform. 
  7. Launch the app. 

The Standard Workflow of the On-demand App Solution 

The workflow is basically how your app processes the request from the customer’s end and assigns the service provider for the job. Manually searching for a righteous local provider for the job is tedious. Moreover, it takes spending long hours to search and evaluate the specialist. Therefore, the on-demand app solution like Gojek charges a small fee to do that on the customer’s behalf. 

  1. The customer selects the service and places the request. 
  2. The app connects their request with the chosen service provider. 
  3. The provider accepts the service request. 
  4. The provider delivers the service. 
  5. Payment deducts from the customer’s linked bank account. 

Why Are On-demand Apps so Popular? 

Now that you know what an on-demand app is, its development process, and how it functions, let’s move to deduce the reasons behind its popularity. 

1. Low costs 

Through the platform, your customers can easily compare and hire the providers. In other words, they can choose a preferred provider according to their budget and enjoy low-cost perks. 

2. It is handy 

On-demand apps like Gojek are available on smartphones. Therefore, they are handy and have higher availability. Your customers can access services with one click. 

3. Service scheduling 

The on-demand app solution allows customers to book and schedule a service. For instance, a customer wants a plumber to visit around 2 – 3 PM. Therefore, while reserving the service, the customer can click on “Book Later” and pick a desired time from the slot. 


On the whole, if you want to launch an on-demand app solution like Gojek, it is the right time to do it. Invest in this pre-built app solution to offer your customers modern-age features like geolocation, online payments, notifications, rating & review, etc. 

Get the top-graded solution from a white-labeling firm that has already launched over 1200 ready-made apps. Furthermore, don’t forget to test the demo apps before purchasing them and get started with the app development process.

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