December 9, 2021

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How hardware design and development contribute to a better world, Monarch Innovation

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hardware design

Monarch Innovations has considerable experience in hardware design and can help you with anything from ideas to manufacturing. Our hardware design capabilities include board design, PCB layout, programmable logic, and enclosure designs using microcontrollers, microprocessors, or smaller FPGA systems. 

We undertake mechanical and industrial design, as well as local and offshore contract manufacturing. Monarch Innovations’ superb interdisciplinary staff and strongly collaborative environment make it well suited to producing electrical devices of any complexity.

 Based on our broad knowledge of all contemporary technological portals, our embedded product design firm will present a system on a chip, wireless module, or semiconductor device that is suited for your section of the project. Our experts are trained hardware specialists that keep up with the most recent developments in the field of electrical design services.

What precisely is included in this package?

Our embedded hardware design and development services have been used by our main clientele, which encompasses a wide range of sectors. Among the industries engaged are aerospace, consumer electronics, healthcare, home automation, industrial automation, semiconductors, automotive, and wearable technology. 

Monarch Innovations solves all of our clients’ problems with top-notch hardware solutions, from system design to selecting the right partner to manufacture the unique hardware product using the greatest hardware components. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced hardware engineers that can create high-speed PCBs and hardware products. 

Designing Custom Circuits

As a premier product design organization, Monarch Innovation specializes in finding the right answers to difficult embedded hardware design difficulties.

The Monarch’s mission is to provide first-time-right electrical designs that are simple to build and fulfil a variety of industrial needs, such as ergonomics, the environment, energy, safety, reliability, and security.

Our team of expert engineers that have produced various high-speed digital, mixed-signal devices has fully worked on UL, CE, FCC, IEC 610004, 60601­1, 60950, and other certifications.


Monarch Innovation develops real-time embedded microprocessor and microcontroller-based systems with high reliability, reduced time, and lower costs.

The following are some of the solutions we provide:

●  Add–on card development for conventional platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beagle boards, etc. Custom Modules / Boards / SBCs design and development

● Design Services for Quick Prototyping

●  eStorm platform customization

●  Low Power and ultra-low power designs are available.

●  Redesign for end of life and cost-cutting

●  For automated testing, test fixtures

Hardware Design Services for Small Spaces

Despite its ever-changing nature, the production of a small form factor device is still a trend in the embedded industry. Despite their progress, IoT devices and wearables are still limited by power because of the increased need for power management and optimization.

 Even if batteries haven’t made much development, we’re on the verge of a power revolution. Choosing the right components for product design will make meeting the constraints a lot simpler. Monarch revolution. Choosing the right components for product design will make meeting the constraints a lot simpler. 

Monarch Innovation analyses the difficulties that may occur in the near future from the office and back-office perspectives. 

From the start of the design and development process, we want to address these concerns as a group. Our engineers are hardware experts who put the demands of the client first. During the design process, costing, brand identity, simplicity of production, and speed to market, among other things, are all taken into account. 

We collaborate closely with our creative team and international partners to achieve a speedier response time. 

Invented Gadgets

●  Devices that can be worn Wristbands and other body jewellery

●  Instruments for use on the go

●  Lux Meters, Clamp­on Testers, DC Precision Measuring, and other digital multimedia accessories

● Air quality sensors and vibration sensors BLE Beacons and Bluetooth Tags ● Devices for asset tracking

●  Indoor/outdoor tracker with several RF and GPS antennas, RFID­ based tracking



Monarch Innovation’s whole product design portfolio includes full baseband, embedded and computer environment, electronics design, and testing services for organizations manufacturing products with high hardware technical specifications. performance testing and an infrared camera laboratory for heat measuring procedures.

 Monarch Innovation also has an ESD testing laboratory and a camera efficiency lab where we can assess the performance of cameras, displays, and ALS. Sasken can provide competent design and testing capabilities because of its baseband knowledge and hardware laboratory facilities.


Monarch Innovation is a competent printed circuit board and layout design company that specializes in electronics and wireless devices. The board design team uses Zuken, Mentor Graphics, and PADS technologies to create flex and multi­layer designs. Monarch Innovation has exceptional board design skills for elevated transmissions and signals integrity. To ensure excellent performance and quality of the developed board, all design work is completed in collaboration with hardware and mechanical experts. 


We foresee problems that may develop in the field and pay great attention to them during the design phase from the end perspective. We include our client’s challenges, such as cost, brand identification, simplicity of production, and speed to market, into our design process to avoid any last-minute surprises. 

To achieve a speedy turnaround, our component procurement and logistics team work directly with our design team and local and international merchants. If you’d want our cutting-edge embedded hardware design and development services to assist you in designing and building your next embedded device, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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