How I saved money on Behrouz Biryani using Coupons?

Everyone’s desires about the food may be different based on the categories, but there is more fun to go out, explore, find some authentic but innovative food and I get heavenly pleasure in doing this.

The only taste of food that matters for me doesn’t matter whether it belongs to a big restaurant or a small tapri. Indeed a food lover like me doesn’t care about such things. Speaking of which, the lockdown has started once again, so how can food lovers like me satisfy their cravings?

 Big thanks to the government that they have thought of people like me by continuing home delivery of food in this lockdown. So the thing is, IPL matches have started and during those matches, you have often seen the advertisement called Behrouz Biryani.

 There is a lot of talk about Behrouz these days because of continuous flashings ads that come in between each over. What is the reason for such sudden advertisements? Behrouz is not newly opened nor a single food kitchen or restaurant.

It’s a chain of brands including Faasos, Oven Story, Mandarin Oak, Natural’s Ice Cream, Mad Over Donuts, Wendy’s, Anand sweets and among them Behrouz is one which called “cloud kitchen” established by Rebel Foods back in 2012 or 2013 – both large and small food chains.

Sorry, I have no idea exactly what the year is but approximately the same. But today Rebel Foods which is an Indian online restaurant company is operating more than 350 cloud kitchens, as of March 2021- said the owner of Rebel Foods.

There are more things about the Behrouz, if I keep telling you, you will get bored. So let me share with you my experience of ordering food from Behrouz and finding vouchers for Behrouz.

I am very moody when it comes to eating but at the same time, I am stingy. When I have first visited Behrouz after seeing an advertisement, I was so amazed and more tempted to see their user interface. Here they have two categories, Veg and Non-Veg.

What I saw first, a full plate of Biryani, but wait for the minute things like pricing, quantity just let down my hopes. Their quantity is quite less according to the serving type of the food. Still, I wanted to order at least once and taste it for that I had to use a different tactic.

It is a well-known fact, when such a great franchise is doing something on a large scale, they offer some escape plan or loopholes for the betterment of the business they are running.

Don’t panic, I’m not telling you to cheat. Vouchers and coupons are the only loopholes for the common man to save money and I use them without any hesitation when I need them. While looking for the vouchers for Behrouz I got to know about

See I don’t like to rely on one particular website for discounts, instead, I will run where my money is saved. Here I got Behrouz coupon codes and vouchers for every food category mentioned on their official page. Also get discounts on different platters, starters and many more.

Till now it’s all about discounts but things needed to understand that how Biryani is made, how it is delivered to you? How many people think about this promptly? They are claiming only royal Biryani is being served and quietly making it true. You can choose the option over a contactless delivery.

To make the royal taste no artificial flavours and colours are added to the food. Besides 200+ stringent quality checks are being performed on the food. For home delivery, double sealed packaging is given to keep the food hot and to keep the quality.   

I have eaten biryani at the best places in Mumbai like Persian Darbar, Biryani by Kilo, Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Café Noorani, Zaffran’s gosht biryani, Go biryani, and many more. With a few exceptions, Behrouz’s Biryani has royal taste.

I think they are making themselves proud like their slogan – “The Biryani that’s safe, hygienic & royal” My mouth is watering while telling you guys about this, it is true that I have to order Biryani after completing this article. But yes, you also don’t forget to order.