How much is 1 TBC to Naira

Just like other cryptocurrencies, you can easily convert The Billion Coin(TBC) to any other digital or fiat currency.

You can also convert 1TBC to Naira. Naira is the official currency of Nigeria. And if we talk about the current situation, the price of 1 TBC coin in Nigeria is 300 Naira. It means if you convert any amount of TBC to Niara, the exchange rate you get will be 300.

If a little information is added, the Billion Coin(TBC) is a digital currency whose value varies according to the number of registered users. In short, it is a user-based currency. It means that with the increase in users, the value will automatically rise. And according to founders, its value is gradually increasing from 1-5% daily.

Consequently, the value of TBC in Niara will also increase in the future and you will get much better exchange rates.

How to Exchange TBC to BTC

The pricing of TBC is not constant on exchange sites. It is because the TBC exchange rate to other currencies keeps on changing with time. The reason behind it is that the number of users is increasing due to which rates are also changing.

If you want to exchange TBC for BTC, then the first thing is to find the site that offers this type of exchange. After that, visit the site and register an account for yourself. On the homepage, you will see a large conversion menu at the top. Simply select TBC to BTC as your exchange pair.

Now, you will be given two menus. Enter the amount in the bitcoin menu. The system will automatically calculate and give you the receiving amount in TBC. Beneath there, the fees for conversion will also be given. Plus, it is recommended that make sure to check the conversion rate before making any exchange.

The same is the case if you want to convert 1 TBC to USD, or any other amount.

How Many Kringles Make 1 TBC

With the increase in the value of TBC, it is much difficult for people to buy it. Due to this reason, traders and investors buy Kringles. Basically, Kringles are the smallest component of The Billion Coin(TBC). It is just like a penny or cent that which is the smallest unit of Dollar.

Just like others, Kringle is also a newly generated stable coin in the world of cryptocurrencies. But the question is how many Kringles join together to form 1 TBC? Currently, 1 Million Kringles make 1 TBC. you can see that a very huge amount of Kringles form together to make 1 TBC. In the future, this relationship between Kringles and TBC may get affected by the change in the value of  TBC.

Additionally, TBC is in a distribution phase. Due to this reason, whenever you generate a verified wallet for TBC, you will get free 250 Kringles. So, you can trade them and make a larger amount with them.