How to Resolve Boot Issues with MSI BIOS

Have you ever switched on your computer and found that it hasn’t started properly? This can be very frustrating, especially if you need to use the computer immediately. Sometimes, the issue may lie with the BIOS, which stands for Basic Input/Output System. It is a program on the computer’s motherboard that starts the machine. MSI is a brand known for producing motherboards that incorporate BIOS. If you are experiencing an issue with starting your computer and you have an MSI motherboard, the following steps can help you resolve it. 

What is MSI BIOS? 

 BIOS is a program that initiates a particular device, your computer in this case. It checks to make sure all the parts that make up a computer are functioning as they should. MSI is a brand that designs and manufactures motherboards. These are kind of like the main circuit boards within a PC. The MSI BIOS is the program on MSI motherboards that performs this checking. 

Check Your Connections 

The first thing to do is always check all cables and all the various connections. One of the easiest problems to diagnose is when your computer simply will not start, and the problem lies in a loose cable. 

 1. This means you should shut down your computer and physically remove the power cord from the computer. 

 2. Open the computer case; often, you will require a screwdriver to do this. 

 3. Look at all the cables forcing your way through the interior of a computer. Ensure all are well connected and firmly fixed. 

 4. Thus, it is necessary to close the case and connect the computer back. 

 5. If the computer power-on is the subject of testing, then turn on the computer to observe whether it gives a good power on. 

Reset the BIOS 

If your computer does not start yet, then turn on this or that BIOS will probably have to reset. Correcting BIOS means restoring it to its default state or the state it was manufactured in. For this you have to know how to enter bios msi. This can assist in solving most problems that may be preventing your Computer from booting. 

 1. Shut down your computer and disconnect it from the wall outlet. 

 2. Open the computer case 

 3. Find the CMOS battery. This is a Spherical mole battery fixed on the motherboard. 

 4. Carefully remove the battery. Wait for about 5-10 minutes and. 

 5. Replace the battery to its position. 

 6. Shut it and connect the computer to the outlet and start it. 

Update the BIOS 

In case the former solution does not provide results, then you may need to know how to update msi bios. The BIOS, like any other computer program, is subject to bugs or errors and updating can, therefore, help eliminate these bugs/errors and introduce new capabilities. Here’s how to do it: 

 1. Locate the model number of your MSI Motherboard. This is usually written down in the manual or is located on the side of the motherboard. 

 2. Wend your way to MSI. Come and look for your motherboard model. 

 3. Go online and search for the newest BIOS update with your motherboard in mind. 

 4. To update the BIOS you need to read the instructions shown on the website. This mostly entails making a copy of the update on a USB drive and applying it through the BIOS update option located within the BIOS options. 

Check the Hardware 

If the BIOS update does not work, you may have a hardware problem that requires a boot disk. 

 1. Check the RAM: Now and then, it is possible to experience issues from the side of the RAM (memory). Trimming the edges with the case and make sure it is properly seated in its slot. 

 2. Check the Hard Drive: Ensure proper connectivity of your hard drive. 

 3. Check the Power Supply: Check whether the power supply is in proper order and if it is supplying the appropriate amount of power to your computer. 

Seek Professional Help 

If you have followed all the above measures and your computer is still unable to start, then it is advisable to seek assistance.One of the solutions that one can opt such as taking the computer to an expert who may be able to identify and solve the problem.

Professionals know how to use msi afterburner and more that will help you to solve the problem.


It is irritating when Boot issues are associated with the MSI BIOS, but by ensuring that all connections are correctly made, then resetting or updating the BIOS, or even checking the hardware, you would work around the problem. You see, as confident as you might be, it is never wrong to ask for help if you are not all too comfortable doing the steps on your own. So, with some amount of time and effort spent on identifying the problem, you can fix your computer and start with your work again. Know more at The Tech Basic.

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