How to Check Quality of Leather Jacket (Real Vs Faux Leather)

Leather jackets are the ultimate package of strength, masculinity and legacy, and have been trending in the fashion industry for more than decades now. Leather has the audacity to embrace both men and women with a luxurious and royal appearance. 

Leather has been in continuous evolution since the 1900s, and today, we have a huge collection of leather apparels. Leather is a natural material that has been used in manufacturing accessories and furniture, but mainly jackets. On one hand, where we have real leather jackets, made up from genuine leather, we also have faux leather jackets that are constructed from waxed and refined leather. 

Today, where we have a vast collection of leather jackets available, it can be quite challenging to spot the difference between a real and faux leather jacket. You can always visit Star Lord Jacket for a classic collection of leather jackets, with detailed specs that clearly state whether the jacket is real or faux. 

Real leather jackets, since constructed from animal hides, offer to last longer and are thus quite expensive as well. Investing in a jacket, assuming it’s real but finding out later that it’s faux, can be heartbreaking. Despite the major difference of cost between these two, there are several other factors such as durability, wind resistance, warmth and many more.

Here, in this article, we have a guide that explains how to check the quality of a leather jacket and differentiate between a real and faux leather jacket. 

Real leather jackets

What do we mean by real leather jackets? Real leather jackets are manufactured from a product that is derived from animal hides. Such jackets are also called to be top-grain leather jackets, full-grain leather jackets or genuine leather jackets. Some of the animal hides that are usually used in constructing leather jackets are, cowhide, lamb skin, sheep skin, buck skin, calf skin and many more. 

Faux leather jackets

What do we mean by faux leather jackets? Faux leather jackets also known as PU leather jackets, are made from plastic products and refined animal hides. These jackets look quite identical to real leather jackets, thus, it is hard to spot out the difference at the very first look. 

How to differentiate between real and faux leather jackets?

For those who are seeking a real leather jacket, but are confused because of the similarity between real and faux leather, here’s what you need to give a read to. Below is a list of some smart tips that you need to know in order to differentiate between the two. 

Touch and feel

The easiest way to check whether the jacket is real or faux, is to touch and feel. A real leather jacket will always give a warm and textured feeling. Since real leather jackets are constructed from natural animal hides, it will not feel perfectly smooth. The texture of a real leather jacket will always stretch and wrinkle, like actual skin. Whereas, a faux leather jacket will give a cold and unnatural feel, because it is waxed and refined. 

Smell it

Leather has a very different smell, organic and natural. The smell of a leather jacket is a good indicator to find out the kind of leather. Since real leather jackets are manufactured from genuine animal hides, it releases a distinctive meaty smell that is quite attractive and addictive. Whereas, the smell of a faux leather jacket is a combination of chemical and plastic smell. It is either odorless or has an artificial smell. 

Look at the edges

A real leather jacket has rough and coarse edges, because it is constructed from natural animal skin, and has the impurity and distressed look of real skin. Whereas, edges of a faux leather jacket are smooth and perfect, since it is refined and waxed. 

Water absorbance test

A real leather jacket is manufactured from animal hide, and thus, has the ability to absorb water because of the presence of pores. You can check whether your jacket is real or not, but drop one or two drops of water on the external shell of the jacket. If the jacket absorbs the water and a dark patch appears at the spot, it means that the jacket is made up from real leather. Whereas, if the water drop stays at the surface, and doesn’t get absorbed, then it is faux leather.

Test with fire

Though a fire test is highly unlikely to do, it is one of the most authentic ways to check the quality of the leather. As real leather jackets are constructed from natural animal hides, it is highly resistant to fire, and thus, when a flame is brought near a real leather jacket, it will not be harmed at all. But, since faux leather jackets are constructed from plastic like materials, it makes them flammable. And when you light a flame close to the border of a faux leather jacket, it will catch fire instantly.


In every way, a real leather jacket is better than a faux leather jacket. But, since everyone has a different preference, the choice is yours to make. The above-mentioned ways to check the quality of leather, and distinguish between a real and faux leather jacket, are quite effective. With these tricks and tips, you can make a wise choice and know what you are investing in.