September 26, 2022

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How to Choose a Best Gas Stove in India

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best gas stove

The purchase of a gas stove to prepare your food is significantly challenging work as it is an essential kitchen appliance. You don’t just have to check for the look and style, but the function is also crucial.

Nowadays, there are various choices available in multiple sizes and designs. 

However, choosing the best one may seem like quite an intimidating task. You must look for space, the number of burners, the finish, and a host of other aspects which meet your needs—moreover, a further significant consideration in choosing a reliable brand from the numerous options available.

Many reputable brands offer various top quality gas stoves. You may choose from Forged, Alloy Brass, and regular Brass Burners. 

There are various configurations such as 2, 3, or 4 burners, glass top, stainless steel, ISI-approved models, etc.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Gas Stove

Size of Gas Stove

The first thing to note is determining the size and type of gas stove you are looking to purchase. Many models come with 2,3, and four-burner gas stoves. First, you must take measurements of the kitchen slab where you’ll place the gas stove and then determine the dimensions of the gas stove for the space available.

The gas stove’s size mainly varies according to the number of burners. A single burner gas stove is sufficient for bachelors. 2 or 3 burner gas stoves for couples and small families are preferable, and for large families, you may go for four-burner gas stoves.

Apart from these things, it would help if you considered the length and width of your kitchen counter.

Material of Gas Stove

The next step is to pick the material you want to use, such as stainless steel and glass top gas stove. Glass top gas stoves look stylish and perfect for those who are looking for a modern gas stove. 

However, the cleaning and maintenance of glass top gas stoves are more than stainless steel. Stainless steel gas stove may not look stylish but is highly durable and requires little or no maintenance.

Type of Burner

As technology advances, it led to the development of gas stove burners, and they are also coming in different types. Three options are available: Pressure Die-cast Alloy Burners, Brass Burners, and Forged Brass Burners. 

Ignition Type

Consider auto-ignition gas stoves to avoid the hassle of using matchsticks or lighters for cooking. The options are multi-spark battery-powered autoignition or single spark piezo ignited auto-ignition. Multi spark is more effective since there are lots of sparks, and until the flame does not come on the burner, you can hold the knob in place.

ISI Mark

If you’re planning to apply for a brand new LPG connection, then your LPG dealer will require a BIS-certified Gas Stove, and in this instance, you’ll need to select models that are approved by BIS and bear the ISI logos on them. Gas stoves that come with alloy burners aren’t BIS approved.


Different gas stoves have various types of knobs that allow easy operation. They are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure more efficient use and long-lasting life.

Drip Trays

Check for gas stoves with drip trays in the area of the gas stoves. They ensure a hassle-free clean-up when the food spills. Also, the cooktop needs to have strong pan supports that can allow for heavy-weight utensils.


If you have PNG supply at your residence, check the gas stove compatible with the pipeline connection. Most gas stoves are usually with an LPG configuration, and it is better to check the compatibility in case of confusion.

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