How To Create Artistic Wall Decor with Preserved Moss?

While moss walls suppliers can easily provide you with readymade moss walls and even help you with moss wall installation, making a preserved moss wall art yourself is not as difficult as it may seem.

Remember that school project that required you to first get a list of items and then use it diligently. Creating an artistic wall décor with preserved moss is no different. You will first have to arrange things like a frame or a panel, wood and super glue, preserved moss, some artificial plants and hardscape elements.   

And below you will learn how you have to use each of the above objects:

  1. Envision Your Design

Trying to make changes after the moss you have used has already come into contact with glue can be a real hassle. Hence, to avoid any rework, envisioning your design beforehand will be advisable.

So, on a large piece of paper, trace the dimensions of your wall décor. Start filling it up with moss and hardscape materials until you see something that really leaves you satisfied. Take its picture so that it serves as a point of reference when you start designing your actual wall furnishing with preserved wall moss. 

Depth wise, as you raise and lower your mosses simultaneously, the contrast will create a striking look and there is no better contrast than light and shadow. You can achieve this by creating a juxtaposition of cushion moss and reindeer moss or just a blank sheet.

If there is ample space to work on or you are just using one kind of moss, you can make a raised platform by pasting foam cut-outs to the backside. As you attach more moss on it, it will help in highlighting hillsides and grooves.

You just have to think how natural outgrowths form in any area. As you focus on a forest floor, you will see how mosses, plants, twigs etc. lie around. What will also come to your notice is that mosses grow in multiple patches rather than developing in just one place. If you manage to recreate this random growth in your moss wall decoration, it will look more authentic.

If you really wish to get into the nitty-gritty, hardscape elements will give you an opportunity to do so. You can take directionality into consideration, thinking of how winds and water flow create certain patterns on trees and rock formations.     

It may seem complicated but eventually it will be worth it. If you are unable to find interesting designs, Google like always can be your troubleshooter.  Or just peep outside your window and if you are lucky, some real and live specimens can come to your notice.

  • Spread Glue Uniformly All Over Your Frame

Pour glue somewhere in the middle of your panel and spread it uniformly until no portion remains uncovered with it. If it is a flat panel, using masking tape around the border will help you contain the glue. Or else you can use a slightly thicker adhesive like silicone.

  • Start Placing Your Hardscape Elements

Now by following your point of reference, start placing the hardscape elements on your panel. You can either position everything straightaway or leave some space for highlight pieces in the end. 

For example, if you add spider wood right at the end, you will be able to show moss growing underneath it. To ensure that your hard stuff remains firmly in place, you can spread the glue right till the edges of the wood and the rocks by using a glue spreader.

  • Organise Your Moss

When it comes to moss arrangement, you have to ensure the whole of the base comes firmly into contact with the glue below and for this, you can give a little push. Even in the case of moss, you should first paste the larger elements and then use the smaller and secondary ones.

And if the end result does not look totally similar to the reference point, do not be too disappointed. Hardly anything in nature is given to following a set pattern. Give it time and you’ll slowly start warming up to it. See that you apply whichever variety of moss that you had planned to use.

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  • Insert Finishing Hardscape and Filler Mosses

Once you are through with putting all the main components of your wall decor to use, you can start filling in all the gaps. Doing so will not be difficult if you did spread the glue uniformly. The bright white colour will be easily noticeable and you will know where some more moss is required. Of course, if you want to use some extra hardscape elements, you can even do that.   

  • Just Wait

Cover the frame with a piece of cloth and put something flat and sturdy over it so that while the glue dries, the moss and hardscape elements get affixed to it firmly. An even bigger frame or a baking tray with a heavy book placed inside it can serve your purpose here. For best results, you should wait for 24 hours.  Those who are into moss wall art in Australia also do the same.

  • Inspect

Once the waiting period is over, inspect your labour of love carefully. Everything should be firmly in place and there should be no evident gaps. If there are, fill them up with some more moss using superglue and it will probably dry up in 4-6 hours.  

  • Hang It Up

Choose an ideal place to hang up your wall décor and not just any spot in your house for it deserves an appropriate if not a special place. And once it is installed, keep marveling at it and feel both pleased and amused.

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