October 5, 2022

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How to Deep Clean your Apartment

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Regular cleaning is important but not enough if you want a thoroughly clean apartment. Regular cleaning only focuses on basic tasks, but some areas and parts are left uncleaned. To give proper attention to these nooks and corners, you must deep clean your apartment from time to time. Deep cleaning is necessary to keep your place up to the mark and well maintained. If you don’t do it often, dust and grime will find their way to your place, and your apartment will start having hygiene problems. Here is how you can deep clean your apartment in the best possible way.

1- Eliminate Clutter first

Most people are unaware of where to begin their apartment cleaning, which prevents them from getting the proper results. However, if you want the easiest way out of this situation, the best task to begin with is decluttering. Start assembling all the things inside your apartment to the places where they belong. You will automatically start seeing a lot of things getting in line. Decluttering will make sure that everything gets back to their places and makes cleaning easier. It will take a lot of your stress, and you will find cleaning comfortable.

2- Begin from the Top

The best technique in apartment cleaning is to clean the things on top first. For example, you must first clean the door trims, windows, ceiling fans, light covers, etc., because dust will still fall on the ground if you clean them afterward. You can use a clean cloth or a soft brush to clean the dust from the ceiling and light fixtures. To clean the ceiling fans, you can add a small part of wood polish on the cloth to give the blades a shine or use a duster if they are not very dirty.

3- Clean the Windows

It is very easy to wash windows if you follow the right steps. First, vacuum the windowsills and walkways. Then spray the detergent on the window from top to bottom. Make sure to leave the cleaner on the window for some minutes. Make sure you properly clean all the streaks and remove the dust properly. You can also wash the curtains after washing the windows.


4- Clean the Kitchen and Bathrooms

While cleaning the bigger parts of your apartment, the bathroom and kitchen should be the first on the list. The reason behind cleaning them first is simple. No one likes cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Hence when you are done with them, you will feel relaxed. In the bathroom, start cleaning the toilet first. Make sure that you properly disinfect your toilet and then move towards cleaning the shower. Mop the floors properly and clean the bathroom window as well. It is better to start with the less interesting parts of the task and then move on to the less stressful parts. As you move, you will feel that you are de-stressing.

5- Remove the Dust

In the next step, it’s time to remove dust from your apartment. You can use real feathers, a napkin, or a simple piece of cloth. Don’t forget to dust clean the doors, the baseboards, the shelves, and between the curtains. Avoid using a detergent or any other spray in this process because it will not be effective. A good and clean piece of cloth and some necessary manpower will do your work.

6- Vacuum Cleaning

After dusting the entire apartment, you will see a lot of dust scattered on the floor. Remove that dust from the floors by using a vacuum cleaner. Always purchase the best quality vacuum cleaner from the market, and if it comes with attachments like a brush, it will be very beneficial. Such an extension helps to collect dust, reach tight spaces and eliminate dust from small corners and cracks. After cleaning the apartment, remove the cleaning bag and dispose of everything properly.

7- Clean the Floors

Keep the floor cleaning as the last part of your apartment cleaning checklist. You will have to shift large items such as sofas and couches to another place to do this properly. You can buy furniture pads to make the shifting easier. If your apartment has hard flooring, use a floor mop and a cleaner, depending on the type of floor. It is suitable to use detergent for tile flooring. Cleaning carpet flooring can get tricky, especially if you don’t have the cleaning equipment. For that, you can also hire a professional carpet cleaner.

After going through the tips and techniques shared above, you must know how to deep clean your apartment effectively and efficiently. Follow all the steps carefully, and you will get a thoroughly clean and germ-free apartment in no time at all. Of course, you can hire a professional cleaning company for this purpose, but if you can do it yourself, go for it.

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