How to develop your successful photo-sharing app like Instagram

The famous Instagram app is still skyrocketing in terms of popularity because it understood the fact that people are enthralled when it comes to sharing visual content that is very stunning. So, it’s a tempting idea to replicate the success of the photo-sharing app by developing a clone. But how to do it? The below article will give a thorough analysis of the same so keep reading ahead!

What exactly are some popular characteristics of photo sharing apps?

Photo Editing and Cool Filters, Social Features, Notifications, User Posts and Feed

However, you have to ensure that you don’t develop an app that is a copy of Instagram, and that’s where an Instagram Clone Script comes into the picture. When we carry out a SWOT analysis of developing a photo-sharing app. The strengths include – Greater audience reach and higher engagement levels. The weaknesses include – Restriction of Web Traffic along with Privacy Concerns.

Opportunities include – Greater monetary opportunities, Enlarging social media footprint and the implementation of advanced technologies. Speaking of Threats, they include – Intense competition in the market and substantial technical challenges. A robust Instagram Clone Script can help you very well in overcoming most of the challenges and obstacles in developing a photo-sharing and editing app. Let’s now speak about the Key Performance Indicators for such Photo Sharing / Editing Apps which ascertain you to validate the success of your business.

(I) Active Users:

You have to enhance everything to increase the user base for your application. This requires you to analyze the metrics and stats related to followers who are new or have abandoned. Make sure to understand how the user base grows as well. 

Social Media Marketing:

Market the product and thereby create a real buzz about it among the people. For starts do develop a page on platforms devoted to social networks. However, this has to be done way in advance before the app launch.   

Select the style of interaction and make sure to regularly post regarding the topic in the best way that appeased your user base, including the future user base. You can also involve in Referral Programs and Public Relation Strategies.

(II) Engagement:

Here the trick is to make users log in with a high-frequency rate and spend a lot of time on the app. This can be evaluated with the bustling activities like the number of likes and the number of media files that were shared in a given time frame. This is accomplished with the implementation of a lot of amazing social features that consist of the likes of groups, feeds, commenting and the such. In addition to this, carry out the implementation of robust and cool editing tools to appease everyone.

Furthermore, to stay at the forefront of the competition, you must offer something unique rather than being a copy of Instagram. You can do this by introducing features like Albums, On-Demand Photos and adding a special touch of Exclusiveness. For this take a look at other contenders like SmugMug, Photobucket, Pinterest, Ipernity, Snapfish and see what made them unique before applying innovation and originality in the picture.

(III) User Retention:

With all the amazing features you can appease your user base for a given while. But after that, the user base might, unfortunately, get bored and tired of what you have been offering so far. You can add excitement by wielding the power of push notifications which can be used at times of festivals and holidays or especially at the time when the particular user base is having the free time.


With that said if you want to find methods to monetize your Instagram like Photo Sharing App, you can involve in Sponsorships, In-App purchases and by selling stock photos. You can also give out some exceptional and captivating deals that will enthral the active user base for sure.


With everything stated above, building an Instagram like app requires a touch of creativity and innovation to generate vast streams of revenue for your business. Visit the website to purchase its very own Instagram Clone Script that can help you in saving time and money to develop the ultimate photo sharing/ editing app.

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PrawinChandru is an Entrepreneur and the CEO of Instagramcloneapps. The enterprise is a premier Canadian based technology company that specializes in Clone Products. It has gained a reputation for having delivered several economical and robust clone products for its global client base.

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