How To Do An Essay In French?


Writing an essay in French is intimidating for many students. 

We give practical advice for easy success.

Professional essay writing in French is often intimidating and many high school students, for lack of confidence, refuse to risk it. However, the reform of the French baccalaureate exams has given this exercise a new importance; three of the four written subjects are now essays. In this way, it is therefore important to have an effective method to approach this ordeal which cannot be improvised. Specific steps must be followed to achieve a relevant assignment. Our tutoring teachers in Metz, Thiensville and the surrounding area will help you to understand these approaches with concrete examples.

Write a dissertation Faire une dissertation 

How to write an essay 


This first step is fundamental and must be given special attention. Indeed, it makes it possible to determine the stakes of the subject and to avoid being “off-topic”, unforgivable fault in the eyes of the correctors.

How to question the subject?

To fully understand the subject, it is necessary to define in draft with precision all the terms which compose it, that without prejudices or preconceived ideas. Thus, the keywords must be explained, using a dictionary if it is a homework assignment. Searching for their antonyms can also provide clarification. In addition, this work makes it possible to precisely delimit the stakes of the dissertation in French and to define what it asks of us.

Also, if the subject is a quote, pay attention to the author. Who is he ? What literary movement does it belong to? What opinions does he express? What Do Judgments Tell Us? You have to understand the author’s intentions in order to discuss them.

Reformulate the subject

In the first place, studying a subject is a work of reflection which must lead to a reformulation. At the end of this first step, you have to be able to translate it in your own words to bring out as clearly as possible what you are asking us to process. The fields of study and reflection must be precisely delimited. It is only once this task is completed that it is possible to move on to the second stage of the essay: the search for ideas.

It is at this second stage that the study of the works and texts seen in class takes on all its importance. Still in draft form and in a very distinct manner, the different ideas and the different examples related to the subject must be listed. Quotations should not be neglected, they will enrich the essay. best Assignment writing service It’s a quick job, we note the elements and arguments without classifying them, and this will be done during the development of the plan. It is a question of collecting as much relevant information as possible, without ever losing sight of the subject and without writing (a telegraphic style is largely sufficient). As you go along, the main themes must emerge which will form the main parts of the plan and regroup the arguments in an organized manner.

Define a relevant issue

What is the problem? It is the thesis that we will defend in the whole of our duty, that is to say the answer we bring to the question posed by the subject. It is from this that the reflection proposed in the essay will be structured. If the search for ideas and arguments is carried out effectively, the problem will emerge little by little. It is drafted in the form of a question. As a result, it is not abnormal to test several issues to finally arrive at formulating it correctly. Once this is defined, it is time to move on to the third step: developing a detailed plan.


The outline of an essay should be dynamic, it is not enough to stick ideas together. It offers the reader a reflection that progresses in a reasoned way from a starting point to a conclusion. Organized ideas flow together logically and show that reflection is deepening. The most obvious arguments are addressed first, then only the most complex and least expected arguments.

A plan in two or three parts

The detailed plan must be as precise as possible so as to facilitate the drafting stage; we will no longer have to ask ourselves what we are going to say but only how we are going to say it.

Two or three big ideas make up the two or three main axes of the dissertation, they are strong ideas which gradually respond to the problem. professional Report Writing uk Therefore, each axis is in turn supported by two or three arguments which will compose the different paragraphs. Finally, the arguments themselves are illustrated by specific and explained examples taken from literary works. Two well-chosen examples are enough, quotation, reference to a literary topography, evocation of a literary type, of a character.

Arguments and ideas are organized along the lines of reasoning and flow together easily, making transitions obvious. So if not, it is proof that the essay outline is irrelevant and needs modifications.