How to Find Jetblue Fare Class Chart

JetBlue has a special tool on its website called the Best Fare Finder. It helps people find the lowest days to fly on specific routes. Instead of picking specific dates, you get a calendar showing the best deals for different days on the route you choose.

Here’s what you need to know about JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder:

This calendar tool is available twice a year. To get the best deals, keep an eye on the latest promotions and offers. Flight prices can change every day. JetBlue’s tool helps you find the lowest fare for the whole month. You can save starting from $64 for one-way tickets and $82 for round-trip tickets. If you’re planning an international trip, act fast before the discounts and good deals disappear. You might miss out if you wait too long. The Best Fare Finder is a handy way to find the best flight deals if you’re flexible with your travel dates.

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The Added Benefits of JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder

When you use JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder, you get extra perks like baggage allowances and the chance to pick your seat.

Here’s how you can use JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder:

  • Visit JetBlue’s Website: Go to, the official website.
  • Find the Best Fare Finder: Look for the Best Fare Finder on the homepage. You can find it in the dropdown menu by clicking the book button.
  • Enter Your Details: In the Best Fare Finder window, put in your info—how many tickets you need, where you’re flying from and to, and if it’s a round-trip or one-way.
  • Explore Fares: Click on “Explore fares” once you’ve entered everything.
  • Choose Your Flights: You’ll see a list of available flights for the month you picked. Pick the one that is best for you.
  • Select Your Flights: Choose your departure flight first by tapping “Select Flight,” then do the same for the return flight.
  • Check Details and Pay: After choosing both flights, review the flight details. When everything looks good, click “Next: Check out” to pay for your chosen flights.

Using JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder not only helps you find great deals but also lets you enjoy benefits like baggage allowances and choosing your seat.

What Is Offered by JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder

Using JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder comes with several benefits:

  • Lowest Airfare: You can find the cheapest flight prices for the entire month with this tool.
  • Best Purchase Day: It tells you the most budget-friendly day to buy tickets.
  • Great Service, Affordable Prices: JetBlue is known for excellent service at reasonable costs.
  • Regular Discounts: The tool often shows tempting discounts, making it easier for customers to buy tickets.

Tips from JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder to Save More:

Be Flexible with Dates: If you’re flexible, you’ll find the cheapest flights, as well as deals on car rentals, hotels, and vacation packages.

Follow on Social-Media: JetBlue shares sales and promotions on social media, so following them can help you catch the best deals.

Join TrueBlue: It’s JetBlue’s reward program. Even occasional travelers can benefit by collecting points for future ticket purchases.

Set Price Alerts: Get real-time emails about price changes to always snag the best deal.

Get JetBlue Plus Card: If you fly with JetBlue often, this card offers perks like discounts on flights, extra points, and rewards.

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Use Carry-on: Travelers with a Blue level ticket can use carry-on luggage for free.

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