How to Improve Crop Yield and Why it is Important?

Improving crop yield is the most priority concern for farmers. Every farmer wants to improve or boost their farm crop yield. They want to know how profitable their farmland is and how to improve it. Knowing about your crop yield and improving it is a key to effective farming. We know that, with the time changes, new technology introduced and improved planting methods are available. These factors enhance crop production for farmers. 

If you want to know the correct way to improve crop yield, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to explain all about crop yield. Let’s start the blog. 

What is Crop Yield? 

First of all, get to know a little about crop yield. Crop yield is the amount of farm production harvested per unit of land area. It is mostly used where grain, cereal or legumes are grown. It is mainly measured to determine the evaluated crop yield from the harvested crop sample size. To evaluate crop yield, farmers generally calculate the amount of the crop grown in a sample area. The yield of a crop mentions the genuine seed initiation from the plant. Measure crop yield is the most essential for farmers. They invested their time, resources, hard work and efforts. 

Why is Crop Yield important? 

The importance of crop yield is the central concept of high performance farming. How much a farmer can produce in a given resource and how efficiently he can grow. If the crop yield increases or improves, it will automatically leave an effort on the economy. Crop yield is the way to know that farmers are producing efficiently or not in a given resource. It not only calculates the farmer’s efficiency, it measures the farmer’s bottom line too. For the economy and the estimation of the efficiency to determine crop yield is essential. 

What are the procedures to Increase Crop Yield?

Following are tips that ensure and helps farmers to improve their crop yield. Let’s check out. 

Seed Quality

The first and most important tip is always to buy the best quality seeds. Seed quality plays a vital role in enhancing crop yield. If farmers want to maximise their overall production, then they should strengthen their seeds. Hybrid seeds that are naturally inclined stronger, greater efficiency, and faster growth are the first step of every successful crop. Non-GMO seeds come with affordable cost and quality. 

Select Right Time to Plant

It is the second most crucial point in improving crop yield. Selecting the right time to plant is the best strategy to use for the enhancement of the yield. Check whether your soil is ready or not. To check, you have to perform some tests on soil. If you plant at the right time, then you can definitely achieve a high yield every time. 

Monitoring is Necessary 

From the budding and to the harvesting, all the stages of development of crop needs monitoring. It is suitable for plant health, and monitors can timely detect if any problem arises on farmland. Problems include plant diseases, pest infestations, weeds and others. These can easily affect crop yield. Regular monitoring of land provides the complete growth status of plants to farmers. It provides information to decide to take timely action to prevent crop damage. 

According to Weather 

All crops depend on the weather. If you use good quality seeds and soil quality is good, that doesn’t mean that you can get a high yield. The temperature must be in your favour to get a healthy crop. Climate changes directly affect farming and crop yield. Nowadays, you get advanced technologies that predict the weather. This is the main point that should consider improving crop yield. 

Timely Irrigation 

Timely irrigation is a must for achieving high yield. Management of water helps to maximize crop potential and survival. The crop must get proper water according to need. Overwater may damage your crop. Drainage in your crops can help to prevent salinization and to waterlog in soil. Both ensure crop growth and production. This is an important point that should consider getting a high crop yield. 

Soil Testing 

Soil testing comes in this tips list, and it is too an essential factor that should be considered. The need for the soil directly connected with the production of crops. Examination of potassium, phosphorus, and fertilization provides the idea to handle crops. It will give you the idea about proper soil condition, and for that, you can timely rectify it. 

Download Application for Fertilizers

The right amount of fertilizer needed for every type of soil. It will help in boosting yields and plant growth that should use in balance. Using excess fertilizers can harm your crop, and it will negatively affect soil quality and productivity. You can download an application that will show you the exact amount of fertilizer for your soil. It is the best solution to get a high crop yield. 

Techniques of Soil Protection 

The next is a soil protection technique. Which technique are you using to protect soil is main. Using the right strategy is necessary to ensure high crop yield. If you are using all factors appropriately and your soil protecting technique is weak, you will not achieve high crop yield. There are many types of soil protection methods used according to your crop and soil condition. 

Use of Right Machines. 

Using the right machines for your crop is the next point. In this, you have to select appliances that are best according to your field and suitable for your crops. The machines include a tractor, tiller, harvester, cultivator and others. And always remember quality matters for the opt-top brands that fit New Holland Tractor and others. This is the preliminary decision that should take correctly. 

Soil Rotation  

Planting every season by season can affect your crop yield. Harvesting the same crop in consecutive years provides less production and is less effective. Plant corp alternately with another crop to maintain the yield. Alternatively, planting the crop is called soil rotation which is necessary to maintain a high yield. 

These are complete guides on how to improve crop yield. I hope you get all the information through this blog. For more informative blogs, stay connected with us. 

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