How To Launch A Mineral Water Business In The Emirates?

The UAE is a prosperous country. With its sparkly skyscrapers, flashy supercars driven by millionaires, and jaw-dropping attraction sites, UAE ranks among the top cities in the quality of life and services offered. In addition, considering that UAE has become a major international hub for business, it’s no wonder it’s experiencing a growing population of expatriates and locals interested in starting their own businesses.

And one industry that’s booming at a rapid pace in UAE is the bottled natural mineral water business. But anyone looking to start a mineral water business in the United Arab Emirates needs to take some steps into account.

This post will discuss some of the basics that need to be considered, from developing the right business plan to getting the necessary licenses and approvals. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to launching a successful mineral water business in no time.

So, let’s dive in!

Starting A Mineral Water Business In Dubai

One of the most important resources that people have is water. And gulf countries such as the UAE are among the nations with the highest water supply and demand gaps. This problem is further complicated by the rapid development and increase in population. That’s why the United Arab Emirates has had to look for alternative sources of freshwater, i.e., bottled water, to support its rapid urban development and the increase in population.

When making your mark in the market, the only way to beat your competition is to come up with new ideas and develop strategies to engage clients. Additionally, it’s critical to comply with all legalities and thoroughly understand the industry.

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·         Analyzing The Market

Researching the market will help you uncover possibilities and risks before you launch your bottled water company. Market study can also reveal information about your competitors and target market.

For instance, nowadays, consumers have started to become more conscious of their health and time. Their preference is for more nutritious beverages that are easily accessible. This is the reason why sugary beverages have been replaced by bottled water. Since these consumer needs will always exist, the market is safe to invest in.

·         Demographic Research

Just like any other business, it is crucial to do demographic research. Since you can’t target everyone who buys bottled water, you must narrow your target market to a sensible volume. You’ll want to focus on identifying and modeling as much information as possible about people’s financial class, cultural traits, religion, and age range.

This info will be important in determining the pricing and the kind of packaging you should use to appeal to your target market.

·         Develop A Business Model

Next, write a business strategy for your bottled water business. Decide on a legal name and business model, specify your target market and describe your goals. Include a thorough overview of the market and your competitors. Cover each phase of the procedure, including marketing and company licensing.

Also, make sure to cover the financial aspects. Determine your startup costs, consider how many employees you’ll need, who will be in charge of what, and what distribution channels you will use. Jot down every bit of information and devise a strategy to accomplish your goals.

·         Apply For The Required Licenses

The UAE started regulating bottled water sales from 2013 onwards to ensure the general public’s safety and well-being. The manufacturers and sellers must conduct product registration in the UAE before placing their drinking water products on the market. ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology) is the regulatory authority that oversees the import, production, and distribution of such products in the UAE.

Businesses must adhere to the rules outlined by the ESMA. Only then will businesses receive an Emirates Quality Mark (EQM), the proof that bottled water is safe for public consumption.

Products not bearing the EQM will be considered fake, taken off the market, or rejected during shipments. Therefore, complying with ESMA for food products will help you avoid such consequences.

·         Promote Your Mineral Water Brand

Bottled water is available everywhere, from remote gas stations to large-scale supermarkets. And when you walk down the water aisle, there are seemingly endless options, so how do you get the customer to purchase your product?

The only way to achieve this is to stand out from the competition and have a proper marketing strategy to keep up with the recent industry trends. For instance, since your business specializes in mineral water, highlight its nutritional value and the advantages it offers the consumer. Launch campaigns encouraging consumers to drink bottled water instead of sugary drinks.

To Conclude

Due to an anticipated population and industrial growth increase, Dubai’s need for water is predicted to rise. As a result, investing in the bottled water business would prove to be quite lucrative in the years to come.

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