How To Make Company Profile In 2021

The Apple Company was founded in the year 1977, beginnings in a garage. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded it. The company is known for designing, manufacturing, and marketing mobile phones, media gadgets, computers, and digital music devices. In 2018, the company had achieved an incredible milestone by reaching trillion-dollar capitalization. The 10th, 9th, and 8thgenerations of the iPhone product were the definite golden geese of the company due to their worldwide recognition and generation of billions (Thao, 2017). 

The company discussed in this report is the Apple Inc. company. The firm has developed a good working relationship with customers in different ways. First, the company has good communication with the customers through the customer care officers. The business has regular communication concerning their products and has a social media platform where the customers raise their complaints and concerns. Apple Inc has used social media. Company to create a connection with the clients. The firm has also developed a rapport with the customers through its products (Wuerthele, 2017). This report aims to elaborate on the company’s customers and how the company communicates and manages with customers also about the utilization of consumer feedback. The quality of dealing with critiques and improving customer service is a technical quality that needs to be mentioned.


Company Customers:

Apple mainly targets teenagers who like to use iPhones and laptops because of the nature of their products. The teens are the organization’s primary demographic; they choose to reach the adolescents on social media as they are focused on the internet. Using websites to connect with their goods lets the consumers quickly navigate the relevant items. The websites are often open to potential consumers globally, and they can connect with their clients more and more efficiently (Sheth, 2018).

Apple’s line of customer communication:

Apple Inc. uses all feasible way to interact directly with its clients. The organization’s multinational setup helps the company have more onscreen, interactive, and web-based messaging habits to connect with the consumers. The onscreen feedback lets consumers display the sorts of things they want to buy on the screen with transparent images. They are using blogs and software that enables the organization to remotely view the details on its pages, where consumers can access the parties at any given moment (Mitchell, 2019). Apple still uses Twitter to create long-term partnerships and business connections. Apple Support’s Twitter profile has risen from zero to nearly 300,000 followers in just two months! A cornerstone of Apple’s Twitter approach is to share one tip a day to make consumers enjoy their Apple goods ever more and making them explore apps they could not have heard before. We also have users accustomed to daily messaging the Twitter page (Creative, n.d.) (Figure 1).

Customer service management:

If you are installing iPhone at your business or helping the organization’s Mac machines, AppleCare Help Desk Service delivers the backup experience the frontline development workers requires. AppleCare Help Desk Assistance includes an infinite range of hardware and device repair and troubleshooting service and problems with Apple-based devices, including virtual user interface-level assistance for macOS Server network setup and system maintenance. Additional Apple gadgets or Mac machines won’t raise the expense of your AppleCare Aid Desk Service contract for ease of financial planning (Professional, n.d.).

Half of U.S. customers were rather pleased with Apple’s customer support, with a further 38 per cent stating they were glad to, according to a 2017 Statista report. Just three per cent of U.S. customers who use Apple for their account registered disappointment with Apple’s customer support (Figure 3) (Kunst, 2019).

Apple – feedback from customers:

Apple has regularly held up a top spot in consumer service surveys in recent years. This is attributed in part to the reality that Apple depends on consumer awareness to evolve and develop. The business has implemented several consumer engagements approaches over the years, including, indeed, market analysis to build its position as a global tech pioneer, often telling consumers that “Apple wants your input on its goods.” Apple tends to monitor reviews today and react to the performance, which is a significant explanation for its continued growth. Even though it is one of the country’s largest businesses, the tools Apple utilizes to obtain consumer reviews are luckily open to corporations of any scale (Prins, 2019).

Different strategies can be used to increase the satisfaction of the customers. The firm can invite the customers to give their feedback on the products to determine the level of the need of their consumers. The firm can use the input to adjust the products to meet the customers’ needs. The firm can also show appreciation by enhancing a loyalty discount program to build a closer relationship between the firm and the customers (Kappel, 2017).

Company dealing criticism:

Customer complaints and critiques are stored in Apple’s customer database. Information gathered is reviewed and used to adapt to each customer. Depending on the uniqueness of the complaint, the duration of issues resolved varies. Most complaints are resolved in a timely fashion to improve customer satisfaction. The customer service book suggests treating all complaint as an opportunity to understand and redeem customer satisfaction and resolve all issues in a timely matter (Widiyanto, 2019). 

Apple’s methods of handling customer complaints and improving their process are solid. It has created a well-oiled company with a solid customer base in North America and around the world. Therefore, when we pitch our product towards the customers, a lot of them will buy the product without any hesitation as Apple has created customer brand loyalty with their customers. 

Apple’s customer service improvement:

Choose the best platforms for a consumer experience

Third-party reseller service does affect the credibility of the company. Apple concluded that this trade-off was not easy and made the decision to switch in-house customer support. This gives Apple leverage over any aspect of the consumer experience. By promoting the ways customers use to reach the support staff, that can be achieved. Social networking networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, offer efficient outlets for instant customer service.

Focuses on improving the shopping experience for the clients

The move from third-party retailers to operating their shops has allowed Apple to influence its consumer support. It managed all facets of customer service, from the store’s architecture to how employees communicate with customers. When you remember their architecture, you will see how much thought went through the first Apple shop. Apple allows things as convenient as practical for consumers by providing help in their shop to fix their problems. On the U.S. retail market, Apple’s share price was 1.68USD when its first store was opened in Virginia. Apple stores had the most significant revenue per square foot at $5.546 (Figure 4).

Should not be scared to bring in improvement

Apple made a move by severing agreements with over 10,000 shops to rising dependence on third party retailers. In a retail strategy, it launched a supermarket, first with CompUSA and then with Best Buy. Apple launched its shop as it noticed prices of Apple computers rising.

Talk from applied psychology to your workers

Applied psychology can play a part in the way your reps interact with customers. This is commonly known in the business as U.S. businesses invest $15 billion a year educating their consumer service and leadership skills sales staff. Those suggestions go beyond essential body language awareness. It has planned nearly any possible encounter with a customer. The Three F’s are a perfect example: Look, Felt and Find.

Creating a robust recruiting procedure

According to the firm’s P.R. team, working with an Apple store is more challenging than going through Harvard. Apple has a rigorous recruiting procedure. Based on the work application, applicants can be expected to perform five interviews over six weeks before being picked for a role. While recruiting an applicant, shop owners are advised to accept more than technical credentials.

Adoption of consumer-first approach

You soon remember as you evaluate Apple that the company’s not seeking a fast buck. Apple has adopted a long-term consumer-first approach rather than just tossing resources at the advertising. The aim is to create authentic consumer connections and lower consumer churn (Corsi, 2015).


Apple Inc. is a high-profile technology corporation concerned with high-quality technology. The business has a robust consumer experience with the way they respect their clients and handle them. In terms of sales, the company will rise much further as they retain their expectations with consumers and their workers. In terms of client satisfaction and innovation inspired workers to become more successful. By offering their utmost consumer service, the workers continue to improve revenue. The company invests in quality products that contribute significantly to globe wide popularity. Apple users who want to watch movies that is not accessible in one country can use the VPN Service Provider for accessing. Moreover, the essence of the market and the dynamics of global rivalry demand that social network contact is explicitly implemented to reach consumers worldwide and receive input. To foster more consumer satisfaction, they do need to improve their oral communication with their clients. Consumer satisfaction is a determinant of every company’s profits and revenues.