How To Organize The Perfect Move?

Move a few weeks in advance before the move, and start transferring your electricity and gas utilities. International moving companies in Dubai Moving has always been seen as a time of great stress, and remembering all the practicalities is really complicated. In fact, during the move, it is necessary to transfer if possible, or deactivate and reactivate the utilities in the new home, whether it is electricity, gas, water, telephone and heating.

Moving is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life, it brings stress, anxiety and a series of commitments and things to foresee. A large amount of work that must be faced with the right preparation.

Move or close all utilities in the previous home

Activate the utilities in the new home (connection, transfer or takeover?

Choose a moving company

Pack everything you need

Some exceptional rules apply if you have to move from a foreign country to Italy. Discover the tips for moving from abroad.

Another special case is that of short-term rentals.

Where do I start?

Before moving in, it is necessary to be aware of all the objects and furniture that need to be moved to the new apartment. Often, especially if we have been in the same house for several years, we have accumulated many useless furnishings, or perhaps we have filled our cellar with objects that we have forgotten.

One of the most important steps is certainly to prepare the documents necessary for the move.

With due advance and without the stress of the last days before the transfer, it is advisable to carry out a small survey of the rooms and rooms of our apartment (cellars, attics, garages, if any) to start eliminating what we will not need, so we will be lighter.

Of course, this operation must be carried out as far as possible, but it will also help us understand what could potentially serve us in the new house, perhaps imagining a possible future expense to adapt the furniture.

This, of course, also applies to you if you move into a home that already has active contracts. But it may be necessary to sign new contracts, if you move in time, you can evaluate the most advantageous offers using the ARERA website which allows you to compare the different operators.

When you move you will have to move the electricity and gas utilities to the new home.

Which utilities must be transferred or subscribed?

Gas and electricity: it is possible to make a transfer or sign a new contract in the new house with the relative costs.

Telephone: some operators give the possibility to move the line, but this depends on the technical characteristics of the existing connections in the new house. If this is not possible, where moving house network cancel the contract in the old home (there is a cost) and sign a new contract in the home where you will move, with relative activation times.

Water: often the consumption of water is included in the condominium expenses, you will have to make sure that it is the same also inside the new house, otherwise you will have to activate a new contract and follow the installation of a possible meter.

Heating: depends on the characteristics of the apartment. If it is centralized, you will pay the condominium, if there is district heating, you will have to contact the manager of the area. Packers and movers in Dubai In case of autonomous heating, the heaters should be connected to the boiler of the house, this item will then end up in the gas bill, which will be much higher in the coldest periods of the year.

Other: check the presence of other contracts (for example, satellite TV) and inquire about the move to the new home and the related costs.