How to Refurbish Solid Wood Flooring

Is your hardwood flooring looking dull? Has it lost the shine and is looking worn out? After years of usage, wear and tear is normal. If you are planning to change your flooring, then think again. You don’t need to change the wood planks and spend a huge amount on renovation, instead refurbish your wood flooring and save some money. May be you will require some flooring accessories.

This article will help you in understanding how you can do it yourself in the most easiest way.

Step One:

First, please check the manufacture’s instructions on how to refurbish your wood floor, if he has provided it to you at the time of buying. It always helps to read the instructions so that you don’t end up damaging your floor.

Next, remove all the furniture from your room. Then you need to clean your floor and remove all dirt. Next you have to sand your wood planks properly. Take out your sander or hire one. You will have to attach a heavy grit piece of sandpaper to the sander.

It’s time to start working, remember to use the sander in the direction of the wood grain. Completely sand the floor.

Step Two:

Once the floor is sanded using the heavy grit paper, remove it and replace it with the lighter grit paper. And sand the floor again in the direction of the wood grain.

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Step Three:

Next step is staining. This will bring back the colour to the floor and make them look new. Some people like the natural wood appearance but it is never a bad idea to have staining.

You must read the instructions on how to apply and maintain the staining before you even start.

Before you start staining, you need to get all the debris removed. Once you get rid of all the debris and the floor is clean, it’s time for staining. First test a small area whether the colour is looking good or not and then if you are completely satisfied stain the entire floor. Let it dry.

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Step Four:

Giving a finishing touch to your floor is very important. You need to read the instructions that came with the product. This will ensure that you are doing it correctly. Once the floor is dry you can apply a lacquer or oil finish using a roller or brush. Once done leave it to dry for 5-6 hours. After that apply another layer to get the best results.

Hooray!! Your wooden floor refurbishment project is completed. It was all time taking but all your hard work gets paid when you watch the brand new look of your flooring, it is surely a satisfying view!  During you flooring renovation project, you might require some flooring accessories, check out All in All online and find premium quality products.

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