How to Use Holographic Sight? Short Guide

From the time holographic sights came into being, they have managed to create quite a fandom of their own. Though some of the users tend to be greatly aware of the work operations of holographic sight, however, using these sights is no child’s play, even for professional shooters.

As being the advanced gear in the world of scope, holographic sights have evolved to become the number one priority of the shooters, and in order to allow users to make the most from their holographic sight, some of the best ways to use this site are mentioned below, which would surely improve the shooting level of a user and would provide them with a profound experience. 

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Prepare the shooting platform

While getting started to use your holographic sight, you should need to make sure that the shooting platform you have chosen for your training suits best with your preference. However you need to keep this fact in mind that no matter what platform you chose for yourself, you need to figure out a way to support your rifle while shooting.

Set up a paper target 25 yards from the shooting platform

You need to zero your holographic sight in order to have better aim precision, and for that purpose, setting up a paper at exactly 25 yards from your location would prove to be of great viable help to you.

Set sight to mechanical zero 

For a better aim, you may need to set the sight of the holographic to mechanical zero, and this can easily be done by adjusting the screws of the holographic sight in forwarding and backward direction until and unless you don’t find your perfect match.

Load the gun with 3 rounds

Here comes the fun part, load your rifle to exactly three rounds, and make a well-supported firing posture. Once you are done with your posture, you now need to aim at the middle of the paper presented at a distance of 25 yards. Try to aim at the center so that your bullets hit as close to your target as possible.

Check the target

Now you may need to check the target, see whether the bullets you shoot hit the paper or not. Determine the distance between each bullet spot for future references.

Measure from average strike location to garget’s imaginary center line 

While witnessing the results of your shooting, it may be clearly visible to you that your bullet may have been traveling from your original place. Try to come up with an imaginary line from your location to the target to come up with a path that your bullet has followed.

Figure out tweaks to move the bullet’s impact to the center of the target 

Now it’s time to find the loopholes in the path. If you find that you may have been standing on the left side, which is why you failed to hit the spot at your target, then you need to move a little on your left side in order to hit the bullets right on target this time.

Adjust the elevation 

If you feel like your elevation is not up to the mark, then you can simply adjust your elevation by rotating the screw present on your holographic sight in a clockwise direction.

Adjust the windage

This can too be adjusted by rotating the screw in a clockwise direction.

Fire 3 more rounds 

Now fire three more rounds of bullet, keep repeating the step mentioned above until and unless you don’t achieve perfection.


While wrapping it all up, the above-mentioned steps tend to cover each and every viable way you can use your holographic sight efficiently, however, you need to be aware of the fact that no matter how much research you do to enhance your shooting level with a holographic sight, but the perfection and experience come with practice.

The more you practice, the more you would be able to hit your targets with ease. With that being said, practice your shooting by keeping in mind the steps above, and witness the progress you would make within your shooting level.