How Do I Waive My Divorce Filing Fees In Florida?

The costs of filing a case with the court are known as court fees. The fees for several courts for Divorce Document Preparation Services are stated on their websites. The price is determined by what you are asking the court to do; thus, if you require a divorce, your charge may differ from someone in court for child custody.

What if I am unable to pay the court expenses and fees?

Fill out an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status to ask the court if you can file your lawsuit without paying court fees. You will still have to pay a $25 administrative charge, and the Clerk may put you on a payment plan.

What information do I need to include in the Application for Civil Indigent Status Determination?

The following are the things that you need to include in the application. It is essential to gather the details about them and have the correct filing fees. 

  • Dependents and whether or not you are married
  • Net income is the sum of your salary, tips, overtime, and other earnings less any legal deductions such as child support payments.
  • Social security benefits, union money, veterans’ benefits, workers’ compensation, other regular family support, pensions, reemployment aid or unemployment compensation, dividends, interest, rent, trusts, and gifts are all examples of alternative sources of income.
  • Cash, savings accounts, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, real estate equity, and equity in a boat, a car, or other tangible property are examples of assets.
  • All liabilities and debts — how much you owe on things like automobiles, your house, child support, and other obligations.

How does the court decide whether or not to grant my request?

You must demonstrate to the court that you are unable to pay the court fees because you do not have a job or do not earn a lot of money, and you have expenses and debts to pay to sustain yourself and your family.

How Do I Waive My Divorce Filing Fees In Florida?

Is it necessary for me to request a fee waiver every time I file a court document?

No. Once the court has approved your fee waiver application, you won’t have to submit another one every time you file court papers in the same case. However, if you are a party to a different case with a different case number, you must file a new application for that case.

Using a Florida divorce lawyer while requesting a fee waiver from the court 

If you plan to hire an attorney or paralegal to File For Divorce Online in Florida, check with your local courthouse to see if the court filing fee waiver is still available. If you meet the income and asset requirements, you may be eligible. Consider this legal cost while determining if you can afford to engage a divorce lawyer.

Is it possible to get my divorce court filing fees waived?

If you receive government assistance, you may be eligible for a court filing fee waiver if you qualify for poor status. However, if you receive government help such as welfare, food stamps, social security income, unemployment compensation, disability compensation, or other government aid, you must report it to the IRS.

What are my options for getting the divorce court filing fee waived?

The form used to get the court filing fee waived is known as the application for determination of civil indigency status. If you are filing for divorce without the help of an attorney, the court filing fee may be the most expensive part of the process. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they can have their divorce court fees waived and thus delay filing for divorce indefinitely. Many Floridians cannot afford to pay the cost, which is $408 in most Florida counties. Few are able to come up with these funds at a moments notice absent a struggle.

Many people are unaware of the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver. Even if you do not qualify for government aid, you may be eligible to have your divorce court filing expenses waived.

How Do I Waive My Divorce Filing Fees In Florida?

What is the divorce court filing fee waiver in Florida?

The Application for Determination of Indigent Status, which was designed by pro-se litigants with no or poor means, is the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver form. The form can be downloaded from the website above and then submitted along with the other divorce filings. The financial information on the state is not verified, but it should correspond to the financial affidavit.

What other types of net income do to report other than my salary and wages?

All other sources of income, such as social security benefits, union funds, veterans’ benefits, workers’ compensation, additional regular support from absent family members, public or private employee pensions, reemployment assistance or unemployment compensation, dividends, interest, rent, trusts, and gifts, must be declared.

How do i know if i am eligible for filing fees to be waived?

When considering whether or not to approve your application, the clerk of the court examines various aspects. The first is your take-home pay. Net income is the sum of your salary and wages less any legally mandated deductions, such as court-ordered support payments.