How Video Games Can Teach You 5 Life Skills

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No matter how the norms evolve, the parents’ thinking doesn’t seem to change and they always think differently from their kids when it comes to video games. Many parental figures still ponder that video games are bad and they are nothing but a waste of time. It is mostly because they want their children to participate in physical activities and not just sit in front of a screen all day long.

Well, it is time for the parents to learn a thing or two to not make their child stubborn, agitated, or irritable. I am sure you are aware of reverse psychology and how others do the opposite of what they are told. So, when parents teach their children through video games they will pick the lesson much faster. 

How Video Games Can Teach You 5 Life Skills

Video games can help an individual in a million different ways as they leave a certain impact on the mind. So video games can be productive, can teach you good traits, skills, and can impart knowledge that will stick with you throughout your life. 

To all the parents out there, this article is valuable for your children because it explains how video games can teach your children some beneficial life skills. So don’t stop your children from playing games as it can teach them the following life skills (that we will be getting to shortly). And I would suggest you get them a great gaming setup here so that they can play and learn the most valuable life skills.    

1. Video Games Develop Patience

Patience is quite essential in one’s life and it is the key to having a better, and happier life. When we have that frustration and a sense of uneasiness and irritation we have to wait calmly to get our goal, don’t we? So when we are playing all those intense games don’t we wait patiently to attack our enemies strategically? Because if we give in to the impatience to get past the enemies and don’t think through what might the consequences be, then we might end up in disastrous situations and never win in the game. That is the reason there is a lot of patience required when playing video games.

Video games have certain hard levels that teach us that whenever an obstacle comes into our life we should never give in to our frustration and act thoughtlessly. But we should think over and over and work hard to resolve the issue at hand because nothing remains the same. In video games, we start from level 1 and we set a goal and many obstacles tend to pull us down but we want to clear all to get to the goal, and once we achieve it the sense of happiness is immeasurable.

Just like in life we start from nothing and we work patiently and vigorously to get to our goal and in the end, hard work always pays off. That’s why video games are the best in teaching you all these aspects that tend to help you out in the long run.

2. Video Games Encourage Socialization And Teamwork

Among other life skills, video games encourage us to be more social. For example, now the games have that multiplayer feature, and many gamers no matter where they might be join the game on one platform and defeat the enemy through collaborating with each other. So, while playing the game there is always the one who leads and the other gamers follow his guidelines and if someone has a better idea they share instantly.

This is exactly like the role which we all play in a company. We all have a mutual goal and there is a team leader and that person assigns others the tasks. And we all communicate and try to come up with the best solution to make the company flourish. Moreover, there is a study that is presented by the Brigham Young University that proves the fact that the teams who played video games for 45 minutes had an increase in their productivity levels up to 20% compared to those who attended traditional team-building exercises. 

3. Video Gaming Develops Empathy

Many game developers are now making games that are very close to reality and have realistic imaging and characters who look exactly like humans. So these humans are always fighting the bad guys like an alien invasion, an inhumane creature, a supernatural creature. Whatever the story may be, it is so captivating that it is incorporated with the emotional elements. Plus in video games, you are given a choice in a certain situation that develops a kind of empathetic level in the gamers that urges you to make the difficult but right choice.

Moreover, the storyline is so bewitching that it makes you relate with the protagonist and how you are burdened with difficult choices so when you play you just feel that empathy for that person being in that messy situation.  

4. Video Gaming Develops Strategic Planning To Face Challenges

Video gaming always presents us with a situation that requires the player to think strategically in tackling a situation or even eliminating the enemy. In real life, you have to deal with the difficult scenarios and you face them with strategic planning otherwise the whole hard work may go down the drain. Let me explain by giving you an example of keeping the gaming and real-life side by side.

When you play a video game you start from scratch right? You have very little money in the beginning but you stick around to see what will happen next. Same goes for the real life when you have nothing and you start to earn by doing several different jobs to pay the bills and you save every penny and spend very little and only on the basic necessities. Then when you start up a small business and your business flourishes after some time and you earn more and more and overcome the hardships in life. 

While gaming you face challenges that teach you a lesson of facing challenges in real life. If you don’t do the things strategically like instead of saving you spend on the useless things you will get nothing in the end. That is how video gaming develops strategic planning to face challenges and teach a valuable life lesson.

5. Video Gaming Teaches Us To Never Quit

Video games are so indulging that they never let the player get bored and there are always those hard levels that frustrate you when you just can’t get through. But the players have that willpower that they never quit and keep on trying again and again to clear it. So what this teaches us is that no matter how hard life gets we can overcome and pull through with full determination. If you ever face a hard situation and you can’t seem to surpass it just try repeatedly and never quit because someday you will pull through.


In conclusion, I would suggest all the parents to think about video games from a different perspective and think positively. Because when you will be there with your children while they play video games you will get to have that quality time with them and there is nothing in the world that can replace that.

Plus when you will be there to guide or give ideas then your children will learn better. I hope this article might change your perspective about video games. And give your children the opportunity to learn valuable life skills or lessons. Think about it!