Lots of ideas to create a magical atmosphere

There is nothing more fun than creating decorations for the home, especially around Christmas. In this post, we offer you some ideas for DIY Christmas wreaths. This type of decoration can place in different locations in the house. It is ideal for decorating the entrance door, the wall above the fireplace, or simply somewhere in the living room.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

The time it takes to make this Christmas wreath to hang on the door is about 1 hour. It takes very little, and all you need is the necessary materials. As we have already said, DIY Christmas wreaths can create either with a polystyrene ring or with iron wire. Follow the tutorial step by step and repeat the steps around the landscape drawing.


· Pine cones

· Green garland

· 16 or 18 gauge wire

· Dry twigs

· Fake berries

· White modeling paste for decorating berries

· Hot glue

· Red bow

· Wire cutter


1. The first step is to create the circle from the wire. It is important to make two or three turns with the thread and tie the two ends together. You can decide the diameter of the crown. Also, consider the length of the green garland. It will need to be long enough to wrap the metal.

2. With the green garland, wrap the metal circle. Secure with a hot glue dot.

3. The next step is to hoist the dry twigs as well. Fix once again with the help of hot glue.

4. Now, you need to decorate the berries with a little white modeling clay. Leave and dry. Also, fix the fake berries on the Christmas wreath.

5. Cut a few sprigs of evergreen with the tongs. Secure the twigs with glue on the crown.

6. Decorate the pine cones with modeling clay. Let it solidify, and add the decorations to the DIY Christmas wreath.

7. Also attach the red bow to complete the tutorial.

Christmas wreaths with polystyrene

As we have already said, polystyrene is an excellent ally for the realization of many DIY projects. In the following project, we show you how to decorate the entrance door with a handmade crown with very little material.


· Polystyrene ring

· Polystyrene balls

· Christmas ribbon of about 5 meters

· Strong glue

· Red acrylic paint

· Red glitter

· Toothpicks and pins

· A sheet of green felt


1. Start by wrapping the ring with a Christmas ribbon. Use a straight pin to attach the ribbon at the beginning and end. Make sure you hide the pins on the back of the crown.

2. With a pencil, draw the green leaves on a sheet of paper or directly on the felt sheet. Cut out and attach to the Christmas wreath.

3. Paint the Styrofoam balls red and let them dry. Use toothpicks to help you with this step. Let it dry. When they are dry, wipe them with glue and cover them with glitter.

4. After they are dry, attach them to the garland. Use hot glue and toothpicks.

5. Add some extra ribbon to the top of the wreath, and that’s it.

DIY Shabby Chic Christmas Wreaths

Do you dream of shabby chic decorations? Take the opportunity and make your own DIY shabby chic Christmas wreaths! Shabby chic is all about pastel colors, white or ivory, and to get such a Christmas look, you will need the same, so you will get a cozy and very sweet atmosphere that will enchant you at the same time.


· Polystyrene ring

· Christmas wreath

· Balls (of different sizes) colored in the same shade as the garland

· Craft glue or hot glue gun


1. Also, for this tutorial, the steps are very simple and, above all, quick to carry out.

2. First, you need to glue the garland on the polystyrene ring.

3. Before gluing the balls, too, think carefully about the design and their location. Once you have decided everything, fix the composition with glue. Let the glue dry well. Your Christmas door decoration is ready.

Handmade Christmas wreaths

This DIY Christmas Advent wreath is very easy to make and makes Christmas crafts perfect because it’s super simple, easy, and doesn’t take time. Once November has arrived, we feel like my calendar has exploded with so many activities, parties, end-of-year gatherings, and a lot of school stuff that blows our heads every time we get a new ticket home.


· Round wooden frame

· Sprig with fake green leaves

· Paper bag

· Numbers from 1 to 25 printed

· Short of jute

· Treats

· Scissors

· Scotch tape

· Hot glue gun

· Piercer


1. Attach the foliage: cut off the ends. Place the faux foliage on the frame. Attach the foliage to the frame using the hot glue gun. Press into place as you go and let the glue dry before continuing. I then glued the pieces of foliage that were loose and protruded or dipped once hung on the wall.

2. Make Advent Bags: Cut out the numbers for the advent bags and attach them to the front of the brown paper bags. Place a treat or prize in the numbered envelopes along with the corresponding advent story cards. Wrap the envelope in a small package and hold it in place with masking tape. Make a hole using the hole punch in the corners or the center of the bags and set it aside.

3. Cut pieces of jute string and attach them through the hole in each advent bag. Attach the bags to the base of the foliage-covered frame by arranging so that the bags overlap slightly. Repeat this process until all bags have been attached.

4. Carefully move the wreath to where you will use the Advent wreath and hang a removable hook or nail.