The impact of augmented reality (AR) on eCommerce

In this ever-evolving digital world, new technologies are constantly making their way to redefine and revolutionise how people interact with businesses and products digitally. Among such technologies, augmented reality (AR) stands out as an exceptional technology that helps customers visualise products in a better way. The introduction of this technology aims to solve one of the most common challenges in the e-commerce business, which is product visualization. As an e-commerce development company in Kolkata, we will share some insights on how AR technology has impacted the e-commerce industry.

How AR technology is transforming the e-commerce industry

Since the introduction of the e-commerce industry in the world of business, it has revolutionised shopping experiences for customers in every possible way. Shopping from an online e-commerce shop offers customers various benefits compared to shopping from a traditional physical shop. But there was only one challenge: customers cannot visualise products the way they can while shopping in a traditional physical shop. The introduction of augmented reality has changed the scenario because now customers can have a real-life visualisation of the products, which gives them almost a real-life experience. Overall, it impacts the decision-making of customers, which helps e-commerce businesses get more conversions.

Enhanced customer experience

As an e-commerce website development company in Kolkata, we have seen many businesses transform their user experience with the introduction of AR technology. Customers can take part in informed decision-making by actually getting a conception of how their products look or what features they have through lifelike visualisation. However, every product might not be suitable to visualise with AR technology, but it has already captured various niches, starting from visualising furniture in the living room to different shades of makeup on the skin. It has not only tried to provide an alternative but has also gone a step beyond that, as in conventional physical stores you cannot see how your furniture will look in your living room but with AR technology you can do that.

Reduced returns and increased conversion rates

Another important challenge in the e-commerce industry was the excessive return of the product. This is mostly the case when customers do not receive the right product or are not satisfied with the quality of the product for which they returned it, which results in a loss for the business considering the shipping charges. However, with the introduction of augmented reality, this problem has decreased as customers can visualise products and make informed decisions on which products to buy. Overall, this has largely impacted increasing conversion rates and reducing return rates for any e-commerce business that has introduced augmented reality.

Personalisation and Customisation

AR technology has opened new ways for e-commerce businesses to provide customisation and personalisation options for customers. For example, customers can choose from a different range of colours, materials, or features and see how their product looks in real-time. This kind of customisation option not only enhances the shopping experience for customers but also creates value for customers, which leads to repetitive purchases and overall increases in conversion rates.

Practical applications of AR in e-commerce

Virtual try-on: The fashion and beauty industry has largely benefitted from AR technology as they can introduce features such as try-on features, which allow customers to see how clothes fit in their bodies or how accessories or makeup items look on them. Based on this, they can make an informed decision about whether to purchase the products or not, which has also reduced return rates and increased conversion rates.

Interactive product review: many industries, such as home decor and furniture, have benefited from this feature, as customers can visualise the products based on how they will look in their rooms and, based on that, make informed decisions.

3D product models: this is the most important feature that augmented reality has provided to the e-commerce industry, as it will help customers visualise products in 3D models. From the electronic sector to the shoe and different accessory industries, this feature has been instrumental in creating a personalised experience for customers.

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