How to Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book? [Quickly]

Combining the usefulness of Excel for sorting contacts with the smoothness of Mac’s Address Book makes managing your contacts easier. Whether you’re using it for work or personal reasons, importing your Excel contacts to your Mac’s address book is a wise choice. This guide will show you exactly how to import Excel contacts to Mac address book, step by step, so you can keep all your important contacts in one place on your device.

Why Do Users Need to Import Contacts to Mac from Excel?

Several reasons behind the importing procedure which means most of the users are finding a way to proceed with the task. But why? Do you know, if not? Just go through the below points:

  1. Simplify access, and manage contacts on all Mac devices, enhancing organization and accessibility.
  2. Utilize advanced tools like categorization, grouping, and integration with native Mac apps for efficiency.
  3. Flawless contact management tasks, saving time and effort through the Mac Address Book interface.
  4. Ensure compatibility with Mac-specific features and updates, avoiding potential formatting or compatibility issues.
  5. Safeguard contacts by storing them within the Mac ecosystem, minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption.
  6. Access contacts offline or online, regardless of location, for uninterrupted communication and networking.

Quickly Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book

The first thing to be known by every user is that there is no manual & direct method to proceed with the task. At this time, the question arises of how to import contacts to Mac from Excel. So, the answer is simple but tricky. First, you have to convert Excel files into CSV or VCF format. Then you can manually import those files. If not, understood, then read the upcoming sections thoroughly. 

Stage 1. Opt for a Reliable Solution

Many options are available on the internet, but among them, one solution is highly recommended i.e. SysTools Excel to vCard Converter. This versatile utility can convert XLT, XLSM, XLSB, and XLTX into vCard file format easily and concurrently. Plus, one can run this software on any Windows or Mac system hassle-free.

If you are a naive user and worry about whether can you operate this or not. So one doesn’t need to worry at all, as with its user-friendly interface one can easily understand it and gain the benefit of automation procedure. You just have to download it and follow the steps given below.

Working Guidelines to Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book

  • Click the Browse button, and select Excel file. The software displays a screen. Select the desired file, and click Open.
  • Preview content(XLSX / XLS/ CSV / XLA / XLAM / XLSB / XLSM file). Click Next.
  • Match Excel fields with vCard fields. Choose fields i.e.
    • FirstName –>> FirstName or FullName
    • Last Name –>> LastName
    • Email –>> EmailAddress

and click Add > Click Next.

  • Apply settings. Tick the checkbox to allow empty emails. Click Change.
  • Provide a location to store the files. Click Convert to start the conversion process.

Stage 2. Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book

To access the resultant Excel contacts on Mac, just have a quick look at the stepwise instructions which are as follows:

  • Open the Mail app on Mac. Click the Mail icon or search in Spotlight.
  • In Mail, click “Contacts“, then “File” > “Import“.
  • Choose the VCF file, click “Browse” or “Choose File“, select the file, and click “Open“.
  • Preview contacts, and click “Add” to import Excel contacts to the Mac Address Book.

Bring it All Together

Importing Excel contacts to a Mac device can be tricky task. But in the above guide, we discussed a proper explanation of how to import Excel contacts to Mac address book and the reasons behind it. So, first, we explore a credible solution to convert Excel files to VCF format. Then we learned how to import contacts to Mac from Excel manually. 

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