Importance of Character strengths

People frequently look for good character in others, whether they are co-workers, classmates, friends, or potential romantic partners. Positive characteristics that imply good character are known as character strengths. In other words, character strengths are characteristics that highlight a person’s positive qualities as opposed to their flaws and problems.

An assessment of a person’s character strengths can reveal both their strengths and practical applications for them. By focusing on their positive character traits, people can improve their lives and emotional well-being while addressing their challenges and difficulties.

It’s also crucial to remember that the character traits these tools pinpoint have been researched in various cultural contexts. Despite the fact that different qualities predict varied results, research demonstrates that these strengths are connected to critical facets of personal and societal well-being.

character strengths importance

Classification of character strength


High wisdom scorers frequently possess cognitive prowess that encourages knowledge acquisition and innovative use of knowledge. The fundamental character traits of wisdom are:

  • Being creative means coming up with novel ideas and methods.
  • Curiosity is the quality of being interested in many different things.
  • Open-mindedness: Thinking things through; examining things from all angles
  • Having a passion for learning new subjects, abilities, and fields of study
  • Being able to provide others intelligent advice and having a logical perspective on the world are both examples of perspective.


Individuals with high courage scores have emotional character traits that enable them to overcome obstacles, both internal and external, in order to achieve their goals. Character qualities linked to courage include:

  • Honesty: Being sincere and truthful; speaking the truth
  • Bravery is accepting challenges, hardships, or discomfort but not cowering in the face of danger.
  • Persistence: completing what has been started
  • Zest: Having a zest for life and approaching everything with enthusiasm


High humanity scorers exhibit a variety of interpersonal character traits that include empathy and sociability. Some fundamental character traits are:

  • Doing good deeds and favours out of kindness
  • Respecting close relationships with others
  • Understanding the intentions and feelings of others is a sign of social intelligence.


Justice-minded individuals frequently have civic virtues that emphasise the value of a vibrant community. The justice group’s character strengths are:

  • Fairness: Giving everyone the same treatment
  • Arranging group activities and seeing to it that they occur
  • Working well with others in a group or team is known as teamwork.


High scorers in temperance frequently possess qualities that fortify them against life’s excesses. Some advantages are:

  • Giving individuals who have harmed them the benefit of the doubt
  • Prudence: refraining from actions that one would later regret; making wise decisions Modesty: Allowing one’s successes and accomplishments to stand on their own
  • Self-control: Maintaining order and maintaining emotional and hunger control


Transcendentally inclined people often connect with entities like God, the universe, or religions that offer meaning, purpose, and understanding. The fundamentally advantageous traits connected to transcendence are:

  • Gratitude: Being grateful for the good things in life and taking the time to show gratitude Appreciation of beauty: Observing and appreciating beauty and quality in everything
  • Hope: Believing that wonderful things are possible; anticipating the best; attempting to make it happen.
  • Making others laugh or grin; taking pleasure in humour
  • Religion: A firm conviction in a greater good and the meaning of life

Evaluation of Character Strengths

The VIA Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS), which is appropriate for people ages 18 and older, or the VIA Inventory of Strengths—Youth Version (VIA-Youth), which is made for children ages 10 to 17, can be used to assess a person’s character strengths. The VIA Institute on Character website offers both character strength tests.

The classification of strengths aims to emphasise people’s positive traits rather than pathologize their flaws. It’s crucial to note that people often exhibit each positive character trait to varied degrees. In other words, they will excel in some areas while falling short in others. The designers of the VIA character strength assessment tool emphasise that characteristics that aren’t listed as hallmark strengths aren’t inherently weaker than those that are, just less strong than the others. Because there are typically no significant disparities in their magnitudes, the top five strengths should therefore not be construed in a rigid manner.

Using character strength

The ability to better comprehend, recognise, and capitalise on a person’s talents is one of the key goals of analysing positive character characteristics. For instance, recognising and utilising character qualities can assist young people in achieving academic success, tolerance development; postpone gratification, and diversity appreciation. Understanding a person’s character strengths gives psychologists, educators, and even parents a prism through which to view not only what makes a person distinctive, but also how to assist that person in building on those qualities to better circumstances or outcomes.

Identifying and utilising your character strengths might potentially enhance your health and wellbeing, work performance, and academic accomplishment. In addition, it is a more constructive approach to self-improvement than concentrating on flaws and deficiencies. Positive improvements are certain to occur if you concentrate on your positive attributes and seek to employ them in your daily activities.

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