The Importance Of Cleanliness In Your Car

Are you that type of person who notices things that go unnoticed? Or perhaps from those who observe what kind of shoes other people are wearing? Well, all these details say a lot about a person. For example, when a person’s shoes are clean and in good condition, the image we have of that person is positive. It shows hygiene, attention to detail, good presence… Well, this example can be transferred to cleaning your car.

Surely you are a person who takes care of his image. It takes into account your hairstyle, clothing style, perfume and of course your shoes can not be missing. But then you drive behind the wheel of a dirty and neglected car. Doesn’t sound very consistent, does it? If you want your car to talk about you, it is essential to be able to keep it clean and cared for. In addition, this has the advantage of being able to offer a good image of oneself, protect the bodywork and extend the life of your car. Doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

How to keep the look of your car up to your personal image?

Surely you know the importance of having a clean, presentable and functional car but… Do you not know how to put it into practice? In that case, don’t worry, because in this article we will explain the most useful tips to make your car shine on its own.

A weekly wash

It is of vital importance that the washing that we carry out in our car is almost like a beauty ritual so that its effects are lasting. That is why we recommend that they be done once a week. What advantages can we get with a weekly wash? Of course and the most visible will be the care of the painting. For this reason, our objective will be to protect it from the aggressions to which it is subjected through different situations. Although it is not perceived directly, the paint of a car suffers when exposed to external agents such as rain, wind, dirt, dust… And the best way to avoid such damage is frequent cleaning. 

Take care of the “necessary” of your vehicle

Surely you, like everyone else, have a personal toiletry bag in your hand where we have our toothbrush, perfume, wipes… Well, in the same way that you have a personal toiletry bag, your car must have its own toiletry bag. This, on the other hand, will be somewhat different from ours, since cars need other products for their maintenance. For example, cleaning products for the bodywork, tires, upholstery… Or tools that we will only use in our vehicle. It is important to remember that these products and tools must be in optimal condition. If so, our car may be damaged.

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Avoid shortcuts

Remember that cheap is expensive. That is why you must trust specialized car cleaning centers or invest hours of your time for a manual wash. Do not use roller tunnels to clean the vehicle! The brushes that these machines have can significantly scratch the surface layer of the paint, thus spoiling its shine and beauty. 

Pay attention to the details

The attention to detail, whether it is cleaning a car or your personal image, is what makes the difference. Both inside and outside the car, you should always get the most out of it by taking care of every detail. Drying the bodywork so that the drops are not marked, vacuuming the interior of the car, cleaning the rims as well as the seats… All these details are what will later make the difference compared to other cars.

By the way! It will cost you much less to clean tires and upholstery if, for example, you do a weekly review than if you only clean once a year. And this applies to the entire vehicle.

Wax the car once a year

It is a very good idea to do it before the arrival of the summer season. Although the truth is that the wax provides a protective layer that the paint will appreciate not only from the sun, but also from rain or dust.

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