Secure Your Future: The Importance of Having a Will, Regardless of Your Age

importance of will

Many individuals think they are “too young” to draft a will. Some people think they don’t have enough assets or a significant enough net worth to require a Will. But experienced Wills lawyers in Brampton advise you to write your first Will. Everybody needs a will regardless of their age. Whether you are a young adult, married or unmarried, before it’s too late, you must make a will.

Let’s first dive into:

  • What is a will?
  • Why do you need a will even if you are young and unmarried?
  • How does having a will bring you peace of mind?

Let’s get started. Our blog will answer all the aforementioned questions.

What is a Will?

A will, often known as a last will and testament, is a legal document that outlines your wishes about the distribution of your property and other assets following your passing. You can name guardians for your children, dependents, or pets when you prepare a will.

Why Do Young and Unmarried People Need a Will?

Most young, single people think they can delay creating a will until they get married or start a family. But do you know that being single without a Will can really provide a more challenging set of problems than being married? Here are a few suggestions by the experienced Will lawyers in Brampton for why a will isn’t only for elderly and married folks.


You have the option to choose the person who will receive your home, and that person will receive it. Avoid taking a chance on luck and take action.

Digital Assets:

Everything that can be kept electronically qualifies as a digital asset. It includes your social media accounts, websites, and domain names. It also includes digital files on your computer, smartphone, or other device (like Bitcoin or NFTs). Your digital assets could be lost forever if there is no provision in your Will to protect them.

Minor Child:

Choose someone you can rely on to be your child’s guardian. You can rest assured that, after you, there will be someone who will take care of your children.


Even though we’ve come a long way, pets are still viewed as property. You can leave your pet in the care of a family member or friend you trust. To ensure their care, you can also create a pet trust or pet power of attorney.

Financial Accounts:

Make sure your investment and bank accounts have someone named as a beneficiary or joint account holder. This helps these accounts pass directly to the intended person without needing a will. However, you can still create a will to ensure that they are transferred to the intended recipient(s) if needed.

Passing Down Special Things:

If you have something really important that’s been in your family for a long time (like an old family necklace or a special book), you might want to give it to someone special when you’re not here anymore.

Business Owner:

Since you have established your business with loads of hard work and investment, you will not want it to go into the wrong hands after you pass away. It is best to create a will right now.

Name an Executor:

When you create a will, it’s essential to choose someone to be the “executor.” This person has a significant role to play in managing your affairs after you are gone. The executor will be responsible for overseeing your estate, paying off debts, and distributing your assets as per the instructions you provided in the Will.

The Psychological Benefits of Having a Will

Having a will has surprising psychological perks. The peace of mind you get after creating a Will matches no other. Creating a will empowers you to control your assets as per your wish. It minimizes family conflicts over property matters. Also, it eases stress for your loved ones during difficult times. Let’s look at the how in detail.

1. Peace of Mind

  • Imagine knowing your family will be financially okay even if you’re not there.
  • Your minor child will have a guardian who will take care of your child.
  • Making a will takes away worries and makes you and your family calmer.

2. Control Over Assets:

  • With a will, you decide who gets your things when you’re gone.
  • You’re like the boss of your stuff, and that feels good.

3. No More Family Fights:

  • Conflicts over financial assets take away the love and happiness between your family.
  • Without a will, arguments over who will get what share are bound to happen.
  • A will marks a full stop at all those never-ending fights over financial possessions.

4. Less Stress for Your People:

  • If you don’t have a will, it can be tough for your loved ones. They will have to stress a lot on asset distribution.
  • Moreover, making a will makes things easier for your family during rough times. They will have inherited your property, which will act as a financial backbone for them during a financial crunch.


Making a will isn’t just paperwork. It’s about securing a future for you and your loved ones. It brings peace and happiness by ensuring your wishes are fulfilled, preventing conflicts, and providing financial stability during tough times. So, don’t wait – make a will today and ensure a better tomorrow for yourself and your family!

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