Important Factors Considering When Buying A New Bike

This might be your season or the year you finally decide to jump, dumping public transport for good and buying a bike of your own. However, before you go out and buy a two-wheeler to ride around, be aware of the choices in front of you. Who knows whether or not your personal budget can handle it?

So that is where this beginner’s guide to buying a bike comes in. Our experts have you covered whether it’s buying your bike today or tomorrow. This is everything you need to know about your dream motorbike before buying it.

Consider different options for buying a particular bike

There are different styles to choose from and various configurations in the market for buying a two-wheeler. The best way to decide what kind of bike you want is by first thinking about how and where your new toy will be used. Here are a few options:

Entry-Level Bikes

General street motorbikes are easy-to-use standard motorcycles. These cheaper bikes are the popular choice for new bike riders. These bikes provide maximum convenience and the handles are raised, making it easier for riders to maintain control of them. They do not have to slouch forward and are able to maintain a comfortable riding position. Most importantly, for entry-level rides, it is beneficial and cost-effective to buy bike spare parts online along with the required accessories. For beginners, any bike with a low cc engine is fine.


These two-wheelers are not as powerful as the ubiquitous motorbikes. They work well for short-distance travel at low speeds. Because they are slow, scooters have low fuel consumption. They are well suited for trips down smooth roads but might break down if taken along rough and uneven terrains. These modern scooters are sleek, slim, and attractive to women. Engine size is 50cc and up.

Electric Bikes

Electric motor cars already exist. They eliminate the use of gasoline to run. Motorbikes with electric motors are also now appearing on the Indian market. They are particularly suitable for urban areas with heavy traffic. They’re quick because they get to peak power and torque quickly. They’re also handy for saving money that otherwise would have been spent buying fuel to fill up your bike.

Sports Bike

It is every bike fan’s dream to own a sports bike. These high-class motorbikes are designed almost exclusively for speed. They can leave even a sports car in the dust. Engines on high-end sports bikes are particularly powerful and capable of going beyond 100. While they are not for those who have just started riding, makers of sport bikes now offer an entry-level under 500cc.

Adventure Motorcycle

Touring bikes cover the comforts of a car; you slide in and press buttons, which is often called a cruiser or dresser. They are heavy, big, and extremely powerful. Their sub-groups, called baggers, are lighter but the engines can be more powerful.

Choice of Bike Accessories to Buy

Motorbike gear is not just for spit and polish, or adding some snap to your ride. These accessories are necessary to protect yourself while you’re riding your bike. In order to be prudent, all possible precautions must be taken. You should prioritize the following accessories when buying a bike:


Motorbike riders are obliged by law to wear helmets. Nor should anyone ride without a helmet that fits them properly. Because most accidents involve the head and face, a helmet can prevent you from suffering many injuries if your horse falls. Select a helmet conforming to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards. For everyday use, a good helmet should give you all-round vision. Search for one with a scratch-resistant visor that shuts watertight. If air enters through the opening then water can enter, which would be a problem when riding in heavy rain. Always do thorough research on what suits you before buy helmet online.

Riding Gloves

Riding a motorbike with gloves is more for fashion than safety. But that is not true. Although they protect your hands from dust, sun, and pollution, wearing gloves will also give you a better grip on the handle. Put on a pair of gloves to cover your hands. Don’t buy gloves where the stitches aren’t even. These can come apart at impact easily. First, make sure that the gloves don’t hamper your ability to control your bike.

Riding Jacket

Like gloves, motorcycle jackets are considered by some to be a luxury. But they give you protection from impacts and abrasions in addition to protecting you against the elements of nature: rain and sun. Motorcycle jackets may be either of textile or leather. The latter, made of low-quality fabric are much cheaper and easier to move in than leather jackets. These classic leather biker jackets are unparalleled because they’re crash and slide-resistant. So buy one that fits and has double seams, which will protect the stitches from rubbing.

Important Factors to Evaluate the Bike

Before you get involved in the serious process of buying a bike, it is important to review the following parameters:

Budget of Buying A Bike

Commodity prices are rising by the day, so we should set a budget for bartering. Choose the type of motorbike best suited to your needs. Once you have researched and narrowed down the type of bike, it is time to decide what your budget will be. You have to budget for the cost of not only buying a bike but also for accessories. This will help you draw up a concise list of candidates capable and affordable.

Riding Comfort

What’s most important is the comfort of the vehicle, as you will be using it often. A heavier motorbike, for instance, is no good for someone with poor physical power. If the handlebar of this vehicle is not high enough for you, it makes you bend forward and puts stress on your back or neck. The bike must be of suitable height so that you can place your feet on the ground for an anti-tipping action. Both the gearless and automatic two-wheelers have an auto start option. The ability to start up the engine with a simple push of a button is indeed very convenient for riders.

Consider the Mileage

Even if you are only going to ride the vehicle occasionally, or every day this makes a big difference as far as mileage goes. Because fuel prices are always increasing, getting a frugal motorbike will save you plenty. A suitable two-wheeler ought to provide you with mileage in the 35 km per liter ballpark.

Cost of Maintenance

All motorized vehicles, including two-wheelers, have the need for routine maintenance. Good condition is a must at all times. Free servicing is included for most two-wheelers, and after a certain period of time, you will be charged the maintenance service fee. Ask about how much it costs to service the bike on a regular basis. These checks and services should be undertaken in the official service centers of the bike manufacturer. Moreover, make sure that service centers are near your home.


Buying a motorcycle of your choice is not a difficult task. Make a strategy and have a clear choice to buy a preferred choice of ride. Refer to the above guide to make your choice clear and hassle-free. Most importantly, choose to have reliable, cost-effective, and mileage-oriented Hero motorcycles to enhance your daily commutation pleasure. To buy online bikes, simply get access to the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.

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