May 20, 2022

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What Are The Important Features To Look For In Your Student Accommodation

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Moving into your student accommodation abroad can be exciting and scary at the same time. In the middle of all the chaos, students often forget to check out important features in their student residence hall. A wrong accommodation choice can make or break your university experience. 

From providing everyday amenities to being located near to all the major social plazas, the perfect student accommodation hall should take care of all these things. It is where you will make lifelong friends and learn essential life skills. This article will explore all the necessary features required in a student accommodation for a comfortable study abroad journey. 


Location is the foremost important feature that you should check while choosing your accommodation. Student study hall should be located near your university to save time and resources on daily commute. A maximum distance of 15-20 minutes between university and accommodation is deemed suitable. Anything more than this, and you might fall prey to road rash or traffic. 

Apart from your university, make sure your student residence hall is located nearby to all the important bus and railway stops. The right accommodation should be at a spitting distance from local shops, restaurants and cafes. 


Studying at an international university can be extremely stressful at times. Therefore it is important that your student housing hall has all the necessary amenities needed for a comfortable life. From a fully furnished kitchen, high speed internet to outdoor areas or a gym, choose a student study hall that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Accommodations in the UK and Australia come with all sorts of comfortable amenities required for a hassle free life. 

Take note of the occupancy details while choosing a student study hall. If you prefer privacy, it is best to select an ensuite room with an attached bathroom. 


Having a student accommodation hall near your university is not enough. As a student at an international college, it is important to have easy getaways to take that much needed break. UK cities are spotted with picturesque parks, bridges and majestic castles. Make sure your student housing hall is located near to at least one of them where you can indulge in cycling or hiking or a simple morning walk. 

Same goes for Australia, which is an explorer’s paradise. The country is full of exotic beaches and adventure sports. Be sure to select a student study hall that allows easy access to closest tourist attractions for those wanderlust weekends. Getting to experience all the cultural aspects of a city will further enrich your student journey abroad. 


Another essential feature for any good student study hall is its security feature. It is crucial for any student to feel safe at their accommodation. A good student residence hall will  have CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of its residents. On-site security staff are also present for some accommodations. Apart from in house security, double check for safety measures in the neighbourhood in general. Though most student study halls are usually located in safe spaces. 


When you are not attending classes or doing assignments, you would want to hang out with your friends at the student housing hall. Good communal facilities are as important as room furnishings. A well known student study hall will have a plethora of entertainment sections to choose from. These may include TV, common lounge, common dining space, bbq spaces, pool tables etc. 

University is where you form lifelong connections with friends and peers. A plush communal area that will help you host end of semester parties or simply binge watch netflix is required for a comfortable stay. 

Keep these important pointers in mind while selecting your student accommodation hall. The perfect student home is inevitable to a successful study abroad journey.

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